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Husband, runner-bedroom it? Bairui Zhen and people to do the following room, now abandoned the future security changes go into business, others simply want to Xiaodiao Daya! Bai Ruining harm her previous life married a man called Mo wishful evil, heard cry until dawn every day, really uplifting! As Bairui Jing, always thought he was intelligent, and now is not the living death? Actually came to inquire of their future …… how she knew? She only knows that she is already changing the future is bright!

may after all have a mutual affection between sisters look like Rui Jing, she also suffers, he said some secrets Bairui Jing really move the heart.

Well, well, the more chaos the better.

Originally, she was laughing Yunjuanyunshu the biggest winner, but now …… looked at Ling Zaihao so driven to distraction. So entangled in a past life acquaintance of some past speculation suddenly had hidden some answers!

This is incredible …… can is the best example of her own, she can, why Ling Zaihao not!

are installed, more than two months of loving sweet,cheap ugg boors, are fitted out! He does not have one fifteen. Forget that Jian Fu!

looked around a sheet or spectacular or remarkable cynical face, Bairui Ya trembling hands, fingers cold, looking to his watch, his eyes full of suspicion and equally confusing Lingzai Hao. Pernicious smile.

Why persecuting her? Both forget that Jianfu, why asked to marry her? Neither like her, why did hypocritically pretended to love her?

four across the head. All clearly understood, only experienced their fate as only people who know the meaning of that eye.

Ling Zaihao bowed his head, driven to distraction.

白瑞雅 nails deep palm, on the skirts of her sparkling ruby ​​eyes sting, Binbian Jinfeng become extremely heavy, it seems to be falling in general.

“I was rude.” Lingzai Hao said suddenly.

Ling Zaihao shallow breath and made a Zhang Yi Bai Ruining towards. . “Is my rude” ceremony strike straight body, and 白瑞雅 laughed: “I still lobby guests ……”

Here, hall exhibits two figure.

“how?” Lin Yuan Weigela one red probe into the head. See the sold-out ladies, they did not come, but toward the next man smiled and said:. “Look at today’s family are gathered in the”

crowd shouted up, Bairui Yi, Gu Yue-jiao and Bai Ruining were welcome out.

“how come?” Bairui Yi holding midfielder, and some labored long breath loudly.

Lin Yuan a finger beside “to accompany him to come.”

Mo wishful eyes aside from 凌子皓 who move back and watched 白瑞宁 front of the blazing authentic: “and ‘brother’ something to discuss.”

白瑞宁 know he took the emperor’s errand, I think the door just when Ling Zaihao spirited look, I do not know what kind of event, in front of witnesses, nor have questions, they just nodded meekly.

Lin Yuan “hey?” a cry, “Did not you have a mother’s whereabouts, Baba rushing to notify the wife it?”

Bai Ruining stunned Yuda Xi, “Is it true?”

Mo wishful croon heard, “What is the matter may not be worth my trip? have I come down to business.”

Bai Ruining nodded, “yes yes yes, what is that thing my mother count? which ran this trip worth your ladyship?”

such careful flatter, have named their own mother belittle …… see Bai Ruining such as, in addition to the same station is always with her front Bairui Zhen, the other a few per heart and think.

Bai Ruining feel lost, whispered: “? holds many lessons where my mother.”

Mo Li Su Yi Paoxiu wishful light, “This and other little things, home to say.”

This is really fallen, Bai Ruining smile curved his eyes, his head like a small point Ji Zhuomi same.

凌子皓 been slow to God, and all civil action soon, it said:. “things about the teachers, but also asked the two brother a lot of help.”

wishful Lin Yuan and Mo are noncommittal, Ling Zaihao long spit breath, “We went over there to talk waterside.”

Lingzai Hao et al come and gone, people will sit back, have a different mind.

still looked a long drama of Yuhuan curious asked: “? Ling said adult teacher, whether it is his mentor Drifting enlightenment.”

Bairui Ya thoughts drifting, did not mind very casually replied: “Yes, Mr. Yoo touch the taboo five years ago, was distributed to the customs, son Hao ……” Her voice Shen Shen,cheap uggs, also a trance for a moment, and then again become firm up, “Son Hao Chang said the past few days, perhaps Mr. Yoo can come back.”

Bai Ruining Xiazhi Juan finally have something in mind and remembered the message, and do not know who is this Mr. Yoo, then just listen, Gu Yue-jiao face is only awareness of color, “Mr. Yoo rare clean, you can come back is a good thing.”

Lingzai Hao Jie Guo faux pas on this issue, nobody mention.

Syria again a few people are around irrelevant topics, dryly hear some people drowsy. Then there came the girl hurried, look panic and 白瑞雅 intrinsic: “! Little lady,uggs outlet, sir overboard.”

Chapter 126 guilty

these people, the quickest to react is Gu Yue-jiao, she anxiously asked: “? 林小公 how God”

that girl panic shook his head, “Lin Xiaogong not affect God ……”

白瑞雅 air again, this time also anxious, tight with outward ran, “is how you care for? master so much individuals can escape into the water in front of you!”

glance Bai Ruining that girl, tears in the eyes turn in, “Master …… Master Mo son was pushed overboard in!”

words a, Bai Ruining suddenly stood up.

Bairui Ya too late to ask the truth, the girl leaning away from pale to Hua Ting, did not forget to go and glared Bai Ruining a back, Bai Ruining followed 白瑞怡 also stood up to ask the first month Jiao Gu calm them down at this time , still remain in the Floral Hall in companionship with the same calm Yuhuan immobile Bairui Zhen.

Ling House waterside not very far from the Floral Hall, after heavy rockery stone cloister repair a lot of water, lake size height two pavilions, there are a lot of people from afar gather there.

白瑞雅 no time behind 白瑞宁 bother with 白瑞怡 foot faster third, first arrived in the pavilion.

Ling Zaihao drenched sitting pavilion.

his body wrapped in a thin blanket, black hair tresses banner posted throughout the body, and looked down but not panic, just somewhat depressed.

Bai Ruining arrived, saw Lin Yuan and Mo wishful aloft together with small kiosks to speak.
I do not know why
Bai Ruining cause, weeping eyes dared to 凌子皓 and 白瑞雅 there aiming, straight boarded footpath leading to a small pavilion.

Lin Yuan first saw her, raised chin to indicate what the negative back to her wishful Mo will turn back, the hanging garment gown Dangqi slight curvature, leisurely agreeable.

this …… Bai Ruining look back at an extremely awkward Lingzai Hao, thinking Could that have inside information? Who else can really have not seen the man pushed into the water, but also so relaxed ……

Lin Yuan came to see her, they advance from the pavilion, when after 白瑞宁. Face flashed San contingent of color, flash and no.

Bai Ruining stepped up the pace, to the Mo wishful side and whispered: “? in the end how are you going to say the girl pushed him into the water ……”

wishful Mo Yang Zhang Mei, “Oh? says so?”

Bai Ruining mind a tight, suddenly remembered the previous one thing. At that time she also presume that the broken leg Feng Fu Mo wishful boy was taken away. Later, also leads to many misunderstandings hinder their feelings. Moment urgent: “!! I did not believe that there must be some mistake,” he said, look we do not pleasing to the eye, he disdained yourself!

Mo wishful nodded, correct it. “No pushing, kicking.”

Bai Ruining like a long time, also followed nodded. Oh. The original is kicked into the water, as reported false ah!

“Why ah?” Bai Ruining find a mouth others see their own point of view, vaguely asked, “is not talking about Mr. Yoo thing it ……”

“you know?” Mo wishful surprised a moment, then glanced slightly lower large booth of 凌子皓, croon, “has nothing to do with that, is to see that he is not pleasing to the eye.”

not find the truth Bai Ruining increasingly anxious. “What was the cause and effect?”

Mo wishful but do not answer, she walked down the steps to lift the kiosk located on the rockery stone, Bai Ruining rush to keep up.

not to apologize too? Bai Ruining very tangled. While she does not like Bairui Ya, on the one hand they feel smug Mo do, or a little too much.

time being tangled. Mo wishful slow line to sit on a stone bench beside 凌子皓, slightly lowered eyes askance at him, “now want to do?”

Ling Zaihao head down, silent.

Bairui Ya furious.

home again with Ling Zaihao gas, that is, after all who care deeply about her, and now he was pushed into the water, she was distressed, but also a feeling of being Bai Ruining husband so as, indeed, whisk the face!

“Mo smug!” Bairui Ya hard tone, “my husband courtesy, why you shot hurt? notified that he is now among the six products, and you are the ordinary man, let you kowtow to meet Jian Li, is looking at on the part of relatives! “

白瑞雅 was really anxious, Koubuzeyan, Lin Yuan next to hear straight stare.

“kowtow?” Mo wishful eyes of coldness generalities, “Well, next year the grave, perhaps to have this opportunity.”

Bairui Ya Zhang anxious angry, “my husband as six product officer ……”

“from.” Mo wishful gentle reminder “from the six products. big Yong thirty two county, two hundred and sixteen counties, officials from the six items that can not be too over-abundance, from six to kill a product, more is simpler than run over an ant. “

“You!” Bairui Ya Jingnu Cross, to see behind Bai Ruining Mo wishful hearts grudge even more, “then you’re fierce, and now nothing but an ordinary man, although by the Lin family’s power, but also have to talk about the Lin family Axiom word! your assailant officials, I will not see you tied litigation forum! “

live clamor, MO wishful then Landelikuai, bow does not always look back to the Lingzai Hao, “asked you last time, want it?”

凌子皓 cover under a thin blanket in his hands thrill endless, facing the crowd’s eyes, is extremely difficult to shake his head.

nobody understood what they were saying, but Mo smug satisfaction, and turned away.

Lin Yuan quickly to keep up with, after Bairui Ya, I really pricked under the thumb toward her, “I am most gas that would have dared to say so, but are you sure this man child really good for your home?” Having said something Bairui Yi, “Tingzhaoduzi corpuscles would not know ……”

had a two agile, when Bai Ruining want to find themselves on the behind, facing dejected, like losing the will to live and conscious struggle like 凌子皓 absolutely exuberant, almost glared at her 白瑞雅 dead, a little difficult.

“Well ……”

Bai Ruining was cleared under the throat, MO wishful do not know when they turn back, will she go behind a Canoeing, going away.

Bairui Ya trembling with anger, “You ……”

only export word, Mo wishful stopped steps, go back to the eye glance, look just like the winter snow, cold shabu and Gouzhuo people to see, “happen again, into the water would not come on a. well, I can not say I did not hit a woman. “

Bairui Ya, then abruptly being hold back throat.

Bai Ruining long breath, it seems that she is turning around it.

when they left, the oncoming rush came a few people, a Chinese clothing woman and two young girls. They look nervous, pavilion straight away, for Mo, who is only a wishful nod. Bai Ruining hearts rejoice, for the presumably Lingzai Hao’s family, but fortunately himself go early ……

Mo wishful legs big step. Lianxiangxiyu did not like Lin Yuan, Bai Ruining have trotted to keep up with him. Straight forward hospital to see him go, Bai Ruining busy: “I have not and Ruizhen farewell …… By the way, there is not you …… JENNY”

speaks, Mo dropped a smug: “Anyway, I’m without you.” continue to move forward without the slightest pause.

Bai Ruining stood thought, to catch up with Mo smug.

Mo Alice wishful light under lips. Steps towards a more chic, Bai Ruining myself are even more tangled, heavy wear to the main entrance of the courtyard when approaching, she thought today 白瑞珍 off their heavy guard, they really feel that they have gone and so too.

“I still want to ……”

Mo wishful complexion sank.

“! do not wait for me,” Bai Ruining busy and said: “Really you have something to go first.!”

Bai Ruining eventually turning the inner court, to Bairui Zhen formal farewell.

flower hall had not the owner, Bairui Zhen and it has to leave. Follow Bai Ruining out together, Gu Yue-jiao still continue to accompany Yuhuan, let her go Guaiguo Bairui Yi Lin Yuan and advance back to the government.

“recently too busy at home, to be firm has been set, certainly to your home to visit my sister.” 白瑞珍 not mentioned various episode today, but without any judgment.

Bai Ruining nodded: “must go, I’m busy at home feel uncomfortable.”

Bairui Zhen would laugh, “In such a place. concentric only sister so busy people would feel uncomfortable.”

Here, two have been to the inner court, send them over before Xiaojiao still parked there. Two each take up one, unless this.

Ling Bai Ruining the government to return to the main entrance, in addition to the carriage of passengers themselves outside. Lin Yuan bike also saw the iconic luxury car.

coachman is still a servant Lin Yuan Qing brother, he met with Bai Ruining they jumped out, greeted Bai Ruining the car.

Bai Ruining the occasion was going to refuse, green brother smiled and said:. “Master Sun is also in the car.”

ranked by seniority Lin, Lin Yuan is the master, MO wishful nature is the “Master Sun.”

Bai Ruining hearts surprised, walked a look, really see the car sitting in Lin Yuan, Bairui Yi, as well as if nothing had happened Mo smug.

Bai Ruining not dare mo wishful how not to go, you may want to rub people’s cars, but people do not want to go, this follow stayed.

Bai Ruining Luanxiang a pass on the carriage, the autumn and the edge of the children there are a few on the 白瑞宁 白瑞怡’s never complained to the carriage when multiplied without employing commanded whip rope thrown light blue brother, Ling before leaving the carriage house.

Is is waiting for her? Bai Ruining look to Lin Yuan, Lin Yuan hollow laugh or two, “pavilion Do not ask me what I know do not say.” Said glimpse of the next person, meaning already very obvious.

Lin Yuan which is misunderstood, said he did not know Mo wishful ranging Bai Ruining have to leave it, and they know that, when bound to have a mo wishful tell your mortgage.

Lin Yuan said, referring to the lake are the things he had to sit accompany today, whether it is wishful Mo excuses to pick and Lingzai Hao Bai Ruining still really want to talk about Drifting thing, anyway, he just sit on Well, do not want to see a wonderful show.

when he was being followed and Mo wishful 凌子皓 walking on the corridor, 凌子皓 inquire into the issue of non-stop former mentor, MO wishful occasionally answer a few, coming pavilion when suddenly asked the sentence: “Do you still think of Sweden Ning? “

Ling Zaihao shaking a bit.

is this terrible flick, MO wishful without a moment hesitation he scored the lake.

“If not guilty, what is he shaking?” Mo was wishful says.

Chapter 127 couples

own wife had been thinking about such a thing

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Also affectionate, but not only would like to leave the palace, but also allowed them to tell a woman that she would like to Villa? She was also planning to go back the true identity of the monarch will tell the honor Xuan it?

“Nothing? snow, promise me.” Aojun obviously do not want to talk too, just lightly, but the tone is so resolute.

“hey, okay, I promise you, I will not tell a woman you would like Xuan said.” Aoxue looked at his face resolutely proud monarch, had reluctantly agreed. Jun did not want to say, killing is impossible to hear from her mouth, looked at her inability to dull look, she could not refuse her request, so just would like Xuan, I only sorry you.

Aojun and look to the positive Xuan, Xuan being stared back and said: “I am not looking at his brother suffering.” Because Seiji thing, I would like Xuan already painful enough, if he loses Mok, he really dare not imagine what would become of him.

“snow.” Aojun look to Aoxue, cried. She knew only the snow would like to let her husband do not tell Hin.

“Do not worry! I will not tell I would like to convince Hsuan Xuan Son.” Aoxue knowing Road, to convince Hsuan child seems to have spent a lot of effort.

“ah.” proud gentleman nodded, feeling very heavy point out to the backyard, walked toward the front door.

three out of the line I would like palace, proud gentleman looked up I would like to look at three characters palace, mercilessly turned away: I would like Xuan, let us apart cool about it!

watching white figure, Aoxue positive Xuan would like both of them looked back palace, helpless sigh: It seems that the two of them walked the difficult road conditions!

consigliere Princess Kyoto articles Chapter 63 Jun-ho love

“ah! I thought.” That stunning woman suddenly jumped up, being directed reading son shouted road, beautiful picture disappeared.

“What?” Aojun eyes still looking at the hands of the book, eyelid lift did not look up, softly asked. In fact, her heart is trembling: Snow what she came up with the idea, and her Prince Fu Fu finished sooner or later.

really! “Oh, this book has much to look at.” Aoxue handedly grabbed the hands of the book Aojun so proud monarch had looked up at her, this and said: “Jun, I think, the palace of the mountain is not Empty it? where we can build a twenty-first century stadium, must be fun,uggs outlet, yes, you can also build a house, we can live in it, yes, you can also …… “said the crackling Aoxue Now a lot of new construction, the more she said, the darker the proud monarch’s face, and finally the last straw.

“stop, you want all of the twenty-first century buildings moved here, right? And you my house where the mountain is inexhaustible,cheap ugg boors, can let you get.” Aojun really can not tolerate the cold face a prince to defend her government’s posture Tutor road. She really wanted a good, snow has been playing her Prince Tutor government idea, her backyard has been brutally murderous, and now even sparing her the mountain, if according to her idea to get hold of what stadiums, villa ……, she’s definitely become Prince Tutor House Gallery, the whole world’s people will overtly or covertly, to patronize her home, that she would not calm day to be spoiled.

“hee hee …… do not have it! would first build a stadium there is a good house, look after the other on to say it!” Aoxue completely unaware that someone is rapidly cooled, the remains unchanged immersion In her fantasy, happy said, but also like a good talk, her mind already started painting like a gymnasium as well as villas.

“Keep your ideas, I will not let you touch my house in the mountain’s” proud monarch could bear, pledge against Aoxue poured cold water on it, bluntly refused Aoxue ‘recommended’.

“ah? do not, the king, you promised me, OK? really good?” spoiled means Aoxue take immediate holding proud monarch’s arm, swinging left and right channels. No, she can be more than a year of dreams – in this ancient dragon Xuan build a modern new building.

“bad.” Aojun tells this word lightly after single-handedly took the book has just been snatched Aoxue re-sit the book came from a swing point.

“Jun, you do not be so unfeeling thing! I really miss the twenty-first century is too proud! Duwusiren can build this, you promised me this little wish it! really good?” Aoxue playing immortal little strong, how could so easily give up, not spoiled, immediately adopt sympathy strategy, in short, does not give up.

“Why do not you build your palace ah? And your husband is not the emperor of today do? plenty of places for you to build these world do Prince’s Tutor staring at my house hold ah?” Aojun not lift eyelid lift asked coldly. Those tricks her snow unclear? Want to put the poor,cheap uggs, do not look at her husband how much people valued?

“wah-wah …… you do not know, in fact, those of us in the ancient crossing comrades still pretty miserable, so the ancients, backward, what do not understand, Hsuan hum …… that dead child, I told him to build a Stadium, he has been asked to ask ah ah! stadium ah what? What is the swimming pool ah? what is tennis ah? …… I explain and explain, I do not say it clear, he said, do not worry, saying that these Only thing I will, if you really want to build it, I will personally supervision, the mother of a country can not do public appearances, but my body would not bear to say what a bunch, finally forced me to have to scrap the whole idea. hum …… think, to finally meet you, finally there is a cross with a man, you did …… actually …… Wow Wow …… I’m so sad. “Aoxue Wadiyisheng whole person who flew Aojun The one tears a nose to complain that seemed really been wronged like much, in fact, these words it is true, but she did not say so miserable it.

“Do not cry, give me up, dirty you know?” Aojun frowned Road, straining to push this attempt to ruin her new robes Aoxue, but someone like Octopussy Like the fish is lying on her, dumped all throw off, but a great spate trend.

“Well, I promise you is not enough yet?” For her clothes, proud monarch helpless, just promise Aoxue ‘pay reparations’ This government seeking to sell clothing requirements.

“Really, I know you are the best of the monarch.” Aoxue one, very brilliant smile happily raised his face, kissed proud monarch’s face it, his face clean, is not tears.

Aojun look depressed to help his head, she was cheated her, her poor mountain ah! I’m sorry you your master, I too simple!

“Seiji, what are you doing?” positive Xuan suddenly look of anger appeared in a plum tree, to make people tremble with cold voice said.

“Hsuan child, you have come.” Aoxue happy drops ran over and pulled the positive Xuan succeeded very pleasant road, the slightest positive Xuan did not go to anger management, hee hee …… she finally agreed to let her build a monarch gymnasium, and how it can upset!

“Well, Seiji, even Mok is a woman, you have to pay attention to it, should not always kiss hug.” positive Xuan looked like Aoxue, gas does not want to air it up, only to once again patiently remind road. Tone is so sour. In fact, from the mouth of Seiji, he already knew the king’s real name is Mo Ling Ao Jun, just a habit, he still called him Mok.

since Mok moved from the palace, Prince Tutor wish to have half of the house, Seiji secretly slipped out of the house every day, ran straight to the side, which led him to the side also had to run every day, and she can also come escaped the eyes and ears of others, but he can not be hidden from everyone emperor every move, so now Manchao Mo Tutor in passing how how favored, the most appalling is that lower-ranking civil and military have seen a lot of people proud Jun, so there are people even suspect that he has bad habits, he has led the mouth can not tell, this really is a ruthless Mok, even half a month to once refused to see the honor Xuan, Xuan matter I would like to come her how many times she always excuses Bierbuxian, which led him straight with Seiji been anxious aside, I would like to but can not tell the identity of the woman Mok Hin, but do not know in the end what Mok escape? Every time I see the way I would like Xuan driven to distraction, he felt bear.

“Do not worry! Prince Tutor entire house except I told the king, only a few servants, usually they do not come back here for a.” Aoxue indifferent road.

“You ah!” positive Xuan Chongni place Aoxue nose about, Aoxue happy face leaning on his shoulder.

positive Xuan turned his head, a look of seriousness on the proud monarch said: “Today I would like brother has come, and you still would not see him?”

“not empty.” Aojun coldly turned his head and looked at the distant horizon, lightly. This is two weeks, he knew she would like to come every day Xuan, but she has been Bierbuxian. Not that she did not want to see him, but she was afraid, she was afraid to give him hope, and finally gave him something more painful despair, so she did not think clearly before, she would not see him, but the heart, but not a Pieces forget him.

“not empty? busy every day I’d see you very thing! Zhenbu you know what happened? do not know why you want to avoid him, but I will not allow anyone to harm the honor Xuan.” positive Xuan sneer and said, sharp eyes look proud monarch, an emperor who aspire to the gas encroaching Aojun, so she could not help but shocked.

Aojun still looking at the sky, but her eyes are so empty, for a positive Xuan words without saying a word, just stood still, it seems like you want to integrate with the world.

“Jun, I would like Xuan really really love you, and I know that you also have the honor to mind Xuan, or an idiot to you this love can not be so decisively on the honor Xuan Bierbuxian, since you both have feelings , so why torture each other too! awkward you in the end what ah? “Aoxue step rushed in front Aojun, overlooking the skyline of her face to pull back, these two weeks has been to ask the question out .

this two weeks ago, she looked at the king again and again every day, I would like Xuan will shut, she asked her why not see him, she replied that she’s always only silence, but every time I would like Xuan was gone, she will driven to distraction really long time, which is always sensible she is very unusual, obviously in love with, but why should escape it? No matter how she insinuated that can not be learned from her mouth where the crux of the problem, she did not say that she just wanted to bring together the two of them did not know where to start looking at both of them so that she is not better than a day with sub-Hsuan , especially after a day in the honor Xuan leave, they will always continue to sigh, as to untie knot is probably just the solution-maker people.

“Snow, one of the word love is really annoying, I really wish I was a true love idiots.” Aojun Aoxue not answer it, but a wry smile joked.

“You …… hey, I knew killed I do not promise you would like to hide your true identity Xuan, and why I was so trustworthy ah!” Aoxue monarch looked so proud, in fact, she knows my heart is bitter, I do not know how should say, with a sigh, self remorse road.

“because you are the snow, the snow kept their promises.” proud monarch smiled, just to see how that smile how bitter, even if I would like to tell the Villa, but also how the question now is simply not wish to Xuan, but she is her own two minds will make the honor Xuan so painful, so difficult for yourself.

“Mo Jun, one of the word love, although it will be painful, but I still would like to hope you do not let this inhuman suffering Xuan, he ……” Xuan to a pair of positive attitude of someone who has advised on Aojun Road, looked Aoxue, and said: “? then Seiji things, which have allowed him to bear once again, this time, do not let him suffer once, okay,” said the last, his tone implied as much the pleading mean, he is now not as an emperor with Aojun say, but as I would like Xuan brother’s trying to persuade her, he knew love was intimidated by authority of the emperor does not come.

Aojun looked back positive Xuan glance, looked Aoxue, both are looking forward to watching her face, and after a long long time, a long time to Aoxue again with positive Xuan thought she answered with silence when they , Aojun this slowly sighed and said: “If there are two words Ling Aojun this world would be good, I do not wish to Xuan painful, really, really do not want to, watching his pain, my heart painful, but I can not let another person pain but I owe him too much, he thought of the expression of pain, my heart will be painful, I do not know how to do? snow, you can tell how can I do it? snow …… “Speaking Finally, Aojun language actually not a sentence, and two rows of Tears streaming down slowly, so long repressed emotions, and finally broke out at this moment, the heart can not be suppression of pain, at this moment, she looked so fragile, so be weak, then the ground like a homeless child, the vast world, I did not know where I belong.

“Jun, So you ……” Aoxue then did he realize that his eyes widened in disbelief at first, looking proud monarch, then we can only feebly sighed the fragile Aojun hug in his arms, gently stroking her back, the king, her cousin, her seemingly strong, in fact, she had a weak moment.

So this is what I would like to avoid the monarch has Xuan reason is this damn love triangle relationship with her with this positive Xuan, Xuan how much I would like to be similar to the original ah! Villa could even think I would like to encounter again, but this time the object of her cousin, huh …… ironic how much ah! I really doubt I would like to Villa Langkawi last generation is not the ancestors of sin, and this point I would like Xuan seem worse, the king of hearts, even while there are two people, which is already not understand her feelings, to a more mess, I would like Xuan He also fell in love with the king, it will be doomed to suffering, the king who could not bear to hurt her, in the end all three must be hurt, how should she help them? This is just the king of his mouth who is it? In the hearts of the king, I would like him in the end who is representing Xuan score some heavier volume?

positive Xuan looked so fragile, shrinking in Aoxue arms Aojun hearts also can not help a sigh: people in the world to comply consigliere Mok is the day the son of God, and logistics in defeat, winning a thousand miles away , intellectual cover the world, erudite, no one among the world can be the enemy, who knows may be there, she is just as hurt feelings and weak woman more? It seems that you would like Xuan’s doomed love in the way of injury, but I do not know, can you frenzied media attention next month?

“Jun, how is it?” Aoxue looked suddenly left her arms, a look of indifference resumed Lengran look, asked, puzzled.

“Someone’s coming.” Diehl positive Xuan Jun replied.

really soon, one that looks very shrewd steward, first against the positive Hin, Aoxue kneeling said: “! minions see the emperor, empress”

“got it!” positive Xuan lightly, that the housekeeper was once the palace of the father, Aoxue see his savvy and honest man, let him into the house of the Prince’s Tutor government officials, proud gentleman never governing of Fuchu all things are by him to make arrangements, but added the management of an entire section of the.

“. Xie emperor” steward stood up respectfully, but also against the proud monarch said: “Your honor, asked to see someone outside.”

“gone.” Aojun straight coldly replied, certainly is Qiuqin those, and those who still really well-informed news ah! She had just moved into a house Prince Tutor, the next day, and immediately there is a lot of matchmaker site, which courtiers daughter said to propose marriage to which the results were all afraid of her cold chill to say a word, Samsam fled , thinking that finally quiet, think of those who really are not up to not give up, according to the third day, and more and more people come, not even those ministers have finally come to their homes, but in addition to the next day In addition, she once again did not appear in front of those people, all let the housekeeper to help her block off, but these people are still reported every time home, they do not bother, she is tired, and now again.

“uh? But this man from

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Beginning of further contact and negotiate a little payment methods.
and Bao Jianfeng Moving on, Fan Yang put down the mind and began patiently to read from other mail.
Zhaofeng Ping, Zhang Peng, Yang Bo, Pang Wenbin, meaning, hidden sword south, Xiao latent …… a familiar name, one part sincere caring, Fan Yang began to read, and some moist eyes. However, there is also an alternative which, when everyone else is one to make contributions, Yang Chen guy has turned to him for money, and said he has been raised from donations to deduct a portion of their own inside. Yang Chen does not know the kind of person, but Yang Fan guess now he wanted to do in the end,cheap ugg boors, had smiled and shook his head and let him go nonsense.
to Yang Chen such a stir, with just settled the matter and Bao Jianfeng, Yang Fan cheerful mood touches a lot, points to open a multi-day unregistered from the Chinese network to see.
solicit donations of bone marrow and raise the announcement, or exaggerated accounted for half of the page, the reader enters a starting point, try to turn the scroll bar to pull down a screen to see the content of the novel. In this regard, the reader is contrary to Yang Fan unexpected support, and occasionally there are a few disgruntled users issuing complaints, immediately denounced by the tide-like sound drowned.
with mixed feelings, Fan Yang readily point to open a few of the familiar story. Of course, I did not mind to Fan Yang read them carefully, and he was just concerned about the progress of these classic novels. I do not know the reason for his
Yang Fan, or those authors to strengthen exchanges sake, or because something else factor, anyway, after the historic change, Fan Yang found that his memories of those classic novels although this one came out of this one, but content is not the same as big as before, the quality of the overall chip than a foot higher than those before, especially a few master-class writers,uggs outlet, but every success further.
Of course, the biggest change, Fan Yang himself was still a few of the plagiarism. For example, he’s for the mountains, “I was Grand Master”, perhaps in some ways even worse than the original, but at least in the plot, absolutely beyond the Yang Fan “dream” in the novel that more than one grade. Of course, this is not to say the level of Yang Fan was a lot better than the network Knight, to say, that is being Yonfan draw too, including mysterious rain, pistols and other digital artists, their creative and far better than one network Knight.
roughly glanced title several novels, read a little of several new chapters, Fan Yang also be relaxed a bit, then left the cafe, back to the hotel to rest.
the next few days,cheap uggs, Yang Fan is still a juggle, and Chen also gave up most of exuberant courses in Yonfan when a man too busy to rush to help at any time. That afternoon, Chen exuberant out from the dormitory, are about to go the hospital to visit Caolin Fang, suddenly, the figure of a boy roadside Chen exuberant eyes fully attracted in the past. T-shirts on
words that Chen exuberant too familiar with, whether it is good to seek the bone marrow, raising donations or, or is that the big names of psychics, there was a greater reward millions of words, Chen exuberant not only talking about yourself all day long, even in the most recent newspaper saw countless times, however, saw the clothes, but also the first time Chen exuberant.
did not hesitate, Chen went to the guy in front of exuberant immediately asked: “Students, I ask you where to buy these clothes?”
“? Hey, you are also psychic avid reader of it,” That guy seems to have been not the first time being asked, the answer was quite fluent: “I dress is a friend sent me in Nanjing, Beijing should now No, but I heard this dress in Nanjing selling well, I think that soon had it. “
see what she can not find, Chen thanked the exuberant boys, continue to the hospital. After met 曹琳芳, exuberant Chen also said this thing gave 曹琳芳 listen.曹琳芳 response and exuberant Chen was thinking exactly the same, are now lamenting businessman really good at capturing business opportunities, even such things have to use it, but, anyway, this is free to do publicity for themselves, whether it is flourishing or Caolin Fang Chen, ‘d want some more this merchant.
they do not know that this is no half by the art cell casually quoted Yang Chen-style clothes, has sales were extremely prosperous in the Jiangsu area, especially the provincial capital of Nanjing, walking on any street, can see a lot of wear This ad T-shirts across the street swagger young people from their parents in order to look after young student-oriented major universities, this alternative has a very interesting costume is very popular. When
start a psychic who bought a large number of avid reader as a collection, gradually, some other authors avid reader, and even some students never read fantasy novels to follow suit and put on such clothes to show their love, and then later, the owner of this dress more and more, this trend has become increasingly irresistible, except for a few psychic hated for students, the campus is almost staffing a “charity loaded.” The poor are those who seek alternative younger, before it set off a wave of shares charity, they wear such clothes to show their adequate alternative, but gradually, they are sad to discover that does not seem to wear this dress before is distinctive minority.
buy clothes for students regardless of what kind of mentality, merchants selling clothes is one to smile, especially after Yang Chen reminded the beginning and left at the forefront of many colleagues uncle, it is to be a few “money hand cramps “this famous classic novels. Initially, Yang Chen obviously underestimated just opening to a million pieces of T-shirts, but his uncle, after careful consideration, the production capacity tenfold once printed, full production of thousands of pieces of “charity loaded,” but This one hundred thousand or less, and only two places in Nanjing, Suzhou, launched two days it was looted. Yang Chen’s uncle immediately stand down, but also expanded the size of ten times, rushing around the clock for almost one million, into Shanghai, Wuxi, Hangzhou and other cities, the result is out of stock in a few days. And then, follow the trend of the market a variety of products have also appeared, not only T-shirts, coats, umbrellas, hats and other printed a “psychic” and “Million reward” of goods into the market a lot, but this time because amount more, but not the sale of the Miami Heat seemed so.
Gradually, from Jiangsu and Shanghai to Zhejiang, Fujian, Guangdong, Shandong, Hebei, Beijing …… just a few days, this “charity loaded” fast wind blowing all over the entire continent, especially in the big cities, Under the old to the small, almost no people do not know there is a juvenile fantasy writer “psychic”, that people do not know there are a psychic friend was sick in urgent need of bone marrow, in urgent need of funds …… later, has been divided unclear in the end is the psychic’s reputation caused by the storm which shares charity or charities which shares the storm created a psychic that household name. But anyway, the advertising effect, these readers with white pillars activities billboards, no less than the effect of CCTV prime-time commercials.
not just advertising, this time, the major hospitals is simply overcrowded, however, these people not sick before going to the hospital, and mostly healthy volunteers lined up to go to the hospital examination of bone marrow match. Meanwhile, across the country have a large or small fundraisers, the money from small to large, pooled from thousands of hands, and finally all concentrated into the hands of Yang Fan, almost every hour of every day, Yang Fan The funding gap is narrowing in a little bit ……
Fan Yang in the hotel thinking mind, the phone suddenly rang.
“Hello?” Yang Fan said by the next answer key.
“Yonfan it? Yang Chen me.” phone voice, Yang Fan quite familiar, but rarely heard him speak so serious.
“Yang Chen, this time really thank you very much.” Yang Fan said gratefully.
“To thank wait a minute, I first look at my credit report. right before the table function, first let me thank you uncle fortune.” Yang Chen-tone though serious, but people can not really say but I believe he was serious talk.
already know what Uncle Chen Yang, Yang Fan snappily said: “Well, this I know, I would also like to thank your uncle good publicity for me yet.”
“. Oh, you do not worry ah” Yang Chen laughed: “I have to convince my uncle, earn money to donate half of this out, tomorrow will be able to on your account, I heard that more than 4.3 million In addition, I have helped several schools in Nanjing, the more money you raise to add up to nearly 1.2 million, I have just hit your head of household, “paused, Yang Chen went on to say:.” my day swear, no misappropriation penny, including my uncle used to buy clothes last donation, I also still in, but also affix his own living expenses, just to give you lobbied 1.2 million. Yon Fan, you have to believe I, ah, I have absolutely no privacy penny! “
Fan Yang moved, we can not help but have some funny, there is no way to get this clown, laughing: “? You have done so much for me, and I do not believe you do.”
phone there, Yang Chen once said: “No, I want you to believe, I have wholeheartedly on your body, and I gave everything I can give you ……”
“. Well, well,” Yang Fan quickly interrupted him: “I am not a glass, and I do not say this.”
Suddenly, the phone “beep” sound long tone. Subsequently, Yang Chen said quickly: “Well this way, I have no money Cary Long story short, I did everything for you, you should also give me everything, except you later there Hsiao latent psychic bloody their manuscripts you I’m going to have to help my thanks to all of you anyway otherwise I …… “Suddenly, the phone interrupted.
put down the phone, Fan Yang could not help but laugh. Yang Chen this clown, although the number of times he joked a lot of fun, but every time I see him, it seems to always emerge some new tricks, and all the stuff people happy laugh, and stayed with him a long time, Long spur immune.
smiled and shook his head, Yang Fan was going to go, suddenly, the phone rang again.

Chapter 90 without the wind waves
Yang Chen
Is this guy for a phone card called again? Yang Fan said to himself, looking first at the number, but it is an unfamiliar area code.
“Hello?” Yang Fan answered the phone.
“psychic, Hello, I’m Don editor.”
editor Don suddenly received a phone, Fan Yang surprised and asked: “?? Don editor do something.”
“Oh.” Don editor of laughter came over. But this time, Fan Yang always felt his laughter with a plot to taste. “You have no interest in attending a campaign?”
“campaign?” Yang Fan raised his eyebrows, “What kind of activity?”
“Hey, is that a similar thing will meet.”
“will meet? somewhere?”
“Of course, Guangxi, my friends here.”
“I now how to get open?” Yang Fan Tang complained to the editor, “Caolin Fang now lying in a hospital, you let me go, Guangxi?”
“Oh, I is this thing ah.” Don editor seemed excited, “I began to think ill of that is your girlfriend, your girlfriend did not expect someone else ah.”
“No, you are mistaken.” Yonfan some embarrassment, that the interviews are to blame, I am afraid that saw its own and Chen exuberant male and female friends. “The patient Caolin Fang is my girlfriend.” Fan Yang explained.
“ah?” Don editor stunned, “but the last show there, you do not ……”
“I never said die.” Yang Fan hurry, “said the host of his own that was misunderstood.”
“Well anyway, and you take with you on TV last time the girl has brought it.” very firm tone editor Don said.
“I have not agreed to go.” Yang Fan and some angry.
“Hey, this is me help you organize publicity, although the theme is for you sold more than 1.5 million celebration, but ‘juvenile writers friendship’, that is to say the things you look for bone marrow rescue is definitely hot as long as you are willing, I have been looking for four or five famous science fiction to you to join in, to the time at least four or five TV stations will help you promote special programs, but are also willing to come? “Don editor grabbed Yang Fan weakness, not afraid He did not succumb.
heard four or five TV stations will help their own propaganda, Fan Yang echocardiography. He is now playing out of advertising although already a lot, but this ad is clearly better, in order Caolin Fang, Fan Yang unwilling to give up any time such an opportunity, and now he is regarded as debt, such a large volume of future novel good campaign, Fan Yang is no reason not to participate.
“Okay.” Fan Yang agreed, “but her exuberant Chen ……”
Before Fan Yang finished, Don has been opening the editor:. “She must be to organize publicity has notified when those reporters a cough, can not hurt just attended an event, but not let you on the spot to get married, have What is the relationship? “
“You’re not forcing me?” Yang Fan sake smile. Don helped himself before the editor a lot. Relying on his shots, three million of royalties paid in advance and that the things that he can not recapture him once pigeons.
“Okay.” Fan Yang reluctantly agreed, “I’ll take her, but depends on the meaning of her own.”
“Of course, we can not force thing.” Don editor said, “that I’ll wait for your good news. Goodbye.” He laughed and hung up.
Yang Fan blankly holding a phone, my mind kept thinking about how to Chen exuberant interpretation. After the last news, exuberant Chen has very little contact with him, and even some dodging what he meant. Fan Yang knows that this is what she does not want Caolin Fang misunderstanding. Sighed, Fan Yang open the phone again. Chen’s election to the flourishing number, he slightly hesitated a moment, then forced the press dial key.
“Chen exuberant it?” Yang Fan trying to make his voice sound more natural.
“Yang Fan?” Chen exuberant asked.
“Well, yes I am.” Fan Yang smiled.
“something?” Chen exuberant voice is very small, very short sentence.
“can accompany me to a trip to Guangxi it?” Yang Fan’s voice muffled up.
silent, telephone Chen came over exuberant voice again:. “could”
“You do not ask what is the reason?” Yang Fan surprised.
“certainly Caolin Fang things right.” Chen exuberant laugh, “or you would not come to me.” Her words were full of bitter taste.
“You’re smart.” say such familiar, Fan Yang felt as if back from home to school down the road. He also felt a little bitter, but then they blame them.
Yonfan a thought mind, phone and silent. After a while, exuberant Chen asked: “That so?”
“so be it. Goodbye.” Yang Fan hang up the phone, long exhaled breath.
to 曹琳芳 reasons and after farewell, Yang Fan and Chen exuberant boarded a plane to Nanning. Don editor personally to the airport to pick up their planes. The plane, the two are set to give them car received a hostel. Hotel, Fan Yang met many did not think he had a dream to see the celebrities. These supporting seniors China Yang Fan fiction circles are the rising star of the much appreciated, after all, China is too little people can write good science fiction masterpiece.
“There are a lot of places I would like to learn from you.” said Yang Fan modesty without humility to them, he has had enough self-confidence.
“There are things that even though I am a good looking.” week, representatives of China’s recent emergence of hard science fiction to Fan Yang Kun said with a smile. Zhou Kun and Don relationship editor is very general, so he has been off for a special Fan Yang

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Tied yellow wreaths next to the hook on the evening and then suddenly become pale face ripples behind the curtain because she saw a white fur coat covered with luxury Ruanta man still lying on the couch.

silver hair and pale, bloodless face fur coat beneath blend in if it was his dazzling red gown simply do not see him at the top.


Cardinal Twilight ripples go there just to open academics first woman said something.

he did not hear the sound eye lift has maintained that position just seemed very tired.

Highness the tonic. View a swallow and then open the box aside the things inside that moment hiding out side window of a stiff twilight ripple totally mind suddenly went blank.
The woman’s hands holding a
transparent crystal cup and the cup turned out to be bright red blood enchanting fresh blood in the shining glow glowing pearl luster seems blurred steaming but more intense flavor make it people gag.

woman was in the cup in front of him when he opened his eyes – a pair of green eyes different colors pupil pure Bi Bi Yan Cardinal pupil at this time is like a dark green moss on the tomb faint shudder people more than.
He slowly raised his hand took some disgruntled Organisation beautiful cup up quite a while he put the cup on the lips.

day! He this action

Yan Cardinal What are you doing what you’re doing? Lian Li twilight in place eyes wide in shock at the scene inside the body are involuntary trembling hands tightly fastened to the door in case he fell.

He drank his blood? Twilight ripple raising his hand over his lips lifted his head slightly to see him close his eyes to the wrist and a half cup of blood to drink a little bit lower.
grace and elegance of his movements secret still beautiful long eyelashes still stained pretty brilliant as ever.

but he is a drink the blood of the devil. She forgot Yan Cardinal is the devil?

suck human blood devil? His future husband do? That will be in my arms, he said to his beautiful man you marry?

Why at this time the man in front of her suddenly feel so strange?

pair of cold green eyes because taking human blood and charming lips so she goes there often haggard face.

how could this be? How could this be?

twilight ripple bite hard on the lips of hand the tears in the eyes roll back to the force.

teeth cut into the skin deep, but did not feel the pain but a cold and a fear.

Yan Cardinal put down his cup fingertips gently wipe the blood stains left lips and shook his head and said enough.

enough? !

enough! The same word in his mouth, and the white woman’s heart twilight ripple call out.

ah. He should be a cry powerless against the couch.

time to hear the word twilight has not the slightest ripple strength propped stop shivering body slumped on the floor totally do not know their own fingers have not been bitten blood into Chunchi Jian.

enough? Turned out not enough

Highness You already tonight.

the palace know! He whispered tone and windy as ever but intends simply not enough.

exorcism bell that his power has had almost exhausted after a full moon combined with the power of his own will is weak this time he has been unable to curb the greed of those evil spirits of the underground and even he can feel those hands have been close to him.

Jing Yan stood by watching a cup on the table suddenly forced to push the cup fell to the ground and shouted hysterically already so why should you and the woman entangled obviously you know they are not alone,uggs outlet.

Enji! He reminds us.

I know what you’re saying do you want me to shut up! But today I’m going to finish the whole of the,cheap ugg boors! Do you think Jade from Tianshan order to really see you into the magic? But she also wanted to give you the opportunity you do not want you to give up to come to their senses! And Highness about you,cheap uggs?

you but because the girl’s name is twilight ripple life and think they will be the same person! But four years ago magnolia dead is dead! If she really back that why she is not bright stars of divination even when they are never displayed her star will light up so this woman is simply not her.

you know that the house will not kill you, but you can not be any nonsense!

I prefer Highness kill me! Xiqi nobody pipe so that you will not have to choose as a free and easy way to go to select a substitute to send your own comfort.

—————– Witch Full cats —————

PS: The first is more the fact

[volume] text Volume III: Article chapters avatars? Twilight ripple weak body is also a chill because every cell and skin are saying this sudden tightening seems to have ten million cold needle – into her body alive nail in the wall.

substitute? How would substitute?

Highness magnolia magnolia this is not already dead. If you let go of it and then stick to it Xiqi how to do? Small son how to do? House in the woman’s voice sounded choked crying.

The Twilight ripples just been suppressed tears finally rolled down from the eyes.

substitute? Magnolia?

man called magnolia lotus lotus. Hands clutching his head buzzing ears shut our eyes to see the ripple twilight jasper with mysterious woman seems at the moment they heard her whisper in his ear that person called magnolia lotus lotus.

I just think you’re too much like a man who really matter too much like the demeanor even from the eyes are so like her.

a few days ago that the woman’s advice seems to still seem to see her ears with sarcasm and ridicule intended to say but the color may not think so at Cardinal sneer. Because you and that person too much like it.

her and the woman called magnolia too much like? As the name because the look?

Shu Yan Jing said Cardinal wife died magnolia white woman said had died. So that is similar to her namesake and her people is the wife of Yen Yen Cardinal Cardinal Niangqin?

biting his finger fingertip blood tears and swallowed conceal his crying voice.

turned herself like is his wife.

so the first time when he saw the color Cardinal would like to see her, right? So he will be clinging to her hand and asked what is your name. So he will come along with no intention to save her passing her my side so he will squatted beside her for her gentle foot rub. So he would care about her and not because white hug her but because she twilight ripple as the magnolia. So he becomes the spell gave her flowers in the sky but also because the love of the woman?
That evening she
ripple count? Avatars substitute for herself.

If so reluctantly that she really did not appeared.

hands on the body from the ground up she stumbled along the way to walk back his heart was desolate.

along this road that she can return to her feelings but she could turn back along the road and then reselect it?
impede the person’s body before
foot red silk rose fragrance has turned out, however this time it seems ironic for their hand firmly said something about the way the head curtain side-track moment at the foot of flowers into the mud along her pace fall again The swing.

Mrs. inner courtyard suddenly saw her distraught girl who also came hurriedly hold ribbon wrapped around her.
? Where is your wife, I? She rushed to the girl, raising his hand in front is beat up but I do not know why the power to break out instantly bounce back a whole person she staggered and fell down from the stairs.
hurt? Several other girl also rushed to help her up.

hurt at all hurt. Cecil looked at his face burning pain and bloodstains on the arm of her smile.

her in pain and distressed it?

girl throw her a steady stable body and walked towards his so-called new homes

———- ————— Witch Full cats

you know what you just said? Cross swords in the hands of the King Yan’s neck a hint of red along the blade low to the ground at this time of his beautiful face covered with a thick layer of frost on the green rolled fundus even murderous hands are cloth Wojian full of blue veins you just knew she was on the outside is not it?

I was just leaving when she discovered. She did not lie to bite Yaochun yard just tearing sound was coming from an unexpected wake them pushed open the door and looked to see that she has gone.

sword in hand impressively hard and spill the blood of one minute and then the whole blade but for some reason he was brought under control immediately ready Shoujian force.

Highness you want to find her?

since she heard that the house naturally want to tell her the truth.

Ha ha ha Highness as five years ago you would see chaos magnolia matrix method and now you actually can not read. You are obsessed with her to find ways to get close to her and then if you really like her, but she worked her you think?

the house while she was not in order to get close to her. The palace just want her to be happy because I owe her too much.

Highness. One swallow King laughed suddenly you remember your first time you saw her? I said that you should not do this. You are happy to give her everything she wanted to make her even unknowingly fell in love with you tomorrow Highness will become your bride. However

Did you want a few days after the arrival of the new moon it? How she do?

sword hands slipped from the hands of King Yan, the last sentence as a bone-chilling ice water poured on his mind as to let him off guard instantly awakened.

first thing is to see her again when he lost his mind. Wanted to go all the way to protect all the way down to accompany her happy enough but he could not help but want to be close to her in my arms she could not be what is for himself and forget after this brief greed, etc. him and her.

after the new moon, he was going to die and disappear from this world her how to do? How to do?

Dandan of your vows to marry her but you do you can give her life to protect her life gave birth to her happy? You make her fall in love with you have to choose to be your bride died after how do you let her?

you did not give her a happy life, but left her pain!

—————- witch’s cat ————-

PS: sweet dates tired of eating it? This text is moving BJ develop my first moment of silence for his first jealousy if maybe tomorrow I will respect the outcome of the very few chapters only cups potential.

[volume] Volume III Body: Article chapters you did not give her a happy life, but left her pain!

his head bowed his head every scene a swallow each one like a dagger on him to bring him across the skin is a suffocating pain but also more and more of his brain awake.

she said was that he had never considered. These days, he indulged in a day of smiles in her forget the time in taking his own life will do forget.
What will be left of her
happy these days to let him forget the greedy after the new moon is?

King One swallow right to Manglietia he called happiness is short-lived, however, but once he left he left her lonely life and will miss that feeling of love and sweet old swept away without leaving a drop.

the body huddled together head buried between his knees silver hair drawn on his body wrapped in a white Ruanta that moment standing in a distant scene Yan saw his shoulders shaking gently.

some things had not already own hands the thing would have been not so developed may be why so?

he just wanted to walk silently beside her make up with half the time they do not want to have owed more now owe more.

he still naive to want to give her a birthright that he wanted to tell the world magnolia color Cardinal only wife but this birthright has become her life’s shackles.

Perhaps if that day he just saved her and then turned and hid behind her maybe she has found a new happiness, right?

turned himself from start to finish are so selfish! ?

how to do that now?

Xiqi can not live without your.

You make me completely become the devil? He raised his head and stared at her and then forget everything about everything about her own child can become a bloodthirsty monster? If so then I would rather die with her memory and not to forget her.

and stood in front of his lover did not recognize each other like their own kind of pain Oath! I have deeply felt she had a I do not want to bear the pain.

first stood in front of her and took her hand and said that you please remember my name – Yan Yan Cardinal Cardinal Cardinal brow. At that time, how can use a mind to describe the pain. Many times he wanted to hold her in her ear lady I was your little goblins your color Cardinal is the love of your life.

But she always remember remember!

so he was afraid that if one day she stood in front of him and he did not remember her or even kill her personally how to do?

then how do you do? Tell her the truth that she was the reincarnation of magnolia and tell him you die? View a smile and swallow hard because you Xiqi years if not already floundered. If you heard that you died the next inevitable that holy lake stained with blood again. By the time I am afraid that is no longer Xiqi Xiqi it.

cough cough cough cough off his chest over his chest whenever it is not fully floating about that ‘digest’ low blood will spill on a white fur coat and the body will be cold one point along the mouth.

This may be retribution. I do not deserve their own day to sell their stuff when I should have thought of that. His head buried very deep under the white hair covered his face only to see that faint bloodshot.

Highness maid suddenly heard the door anxious voice.

what? One swallow to see a scene out of a whirlwind maid came.

Highness Madame her.

her how? Did not wait for the maid to finish his whole person saying grazing the room.
dragged her go so people could not. Crimping head panic maid said.

with the house.

the foot of the red rose has been removed into the mud messy ribbons floating in the air, he reached across the aisle to bypass ask eleven small courtyard garden came to the mansion.

door of her brilliant clothing and a red when she first saw exactly the same as exposing the wrists and waist bells carry ear shaking issued crisp sound.

gave me to get out. Her voice was full of anger at the trembling hands of the knife in the air to draw a knife Linglie shadow immediately stand in front of her body guards and dodge to avoid all but the maid as she put down the knife and stand in front of her.

I am not your wife! Do you get out to block me.
roared glittering eyes clenched hands
twilight knife snapped a bloodshot.

where she was their wife, but she is just a substitute for a dead man.

Do not block her! Suddenly behind him came a cold voice.

she turned around and saw him standing stunned under the eaves of the silver strands of hair in the wind, flying beautiful face showed no emotion as the very first time she saw him look at the holy lake – just like a statue without feelings sculptures.

he walked slowly toward the door stepped around the guards and maidservants are default knees to bow my head. And he passed her the wrong body to the front door and stood with one hand while the rich coauthored hold firmly push the door open branch die soon.

turned and glanced at the crowd below his eyes but did not fall on her, then held hands on the side of road to go since she let her go.

holding a knife in her hand suddenly shivered incredible man looked at the door

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Article circled up bluestone steps, a step in the uphill walk, his face full of surprise of color.

entered above and select the channel shortly before he appeared in one endless bluestone stairs, walked a full time after a meal, still no sign of the end.

Han great curiosity. Is this actually constructed in such a high loft place?

holding the doubt in his heart, stop along the Han stepped down, calmly climbed a little.

Go on about hundred ten feet, the Han finally saw a hint of light, suddenly aroused to speed up the pace. Sure enough, turned a corner after an ordinary square in front of the outlet.

faint outward along the exit looked outside the scene makes Han look for a move,cheap ugg boors, quickly strode past.

dark yellow sky, gray mist, no blue and red, all Yinhui unknown color.

this was an unfathomable, cylindrical huge space.

first glance, seems to be very narrow. Surrounded by a thick fog, unable perspective nothing.
small area of ​​a radius of nearly
little knowledge, so that Han would glance here.

he actually stood out of the wall of fog, like a window place.

in front of a few hundred feet in length jade Longbridge, so floating out of thin air at high altitude.

bridge exquisite exception, Diao painting phoenix. A square outlet connected to the other end then leads to a space in the middle of the four corners of the floating pavilion.

This pavilion has three high Shiyu Zhang, divided into two layers, the whole body is made using Diaoqi jade, glittering in the void, like Qiongtai Asgard general.

and above the entrance of the pavilion, hung a large golden plaque Zhang Xu, write on the three big ancient text —- “Glory Court.”

Han did not hurry to set foot long bridge, while a closer look a little pavilion.

This pavilion was not much, but it exudes an amazing aura fluctuations unfathomable, and has a faint white fluorescent will cover in its pavilion inside. Here it seems to be a very powerful planted ban matrix method.

Han finally move.

he slowly embarked on a jade bridge, step by step and walked unto the specter Court.

went YUQIAO center, the Han can not help but tipped his head, glanced downward YUQIAO so look.

as the abyss, can not see the bottom, only to see some faint blur of black.

people looked very scared!

four hundred and sixty seventh chapter take treasure

Han Su Ran bold, mind under this look still feel shaking, dizziness,cheap uggs, feeling dizzy’s great.

choked back the hearts of discomfort after staring for a moment,uggs outlet, his eyes still nothing is recovered.

his soul though powerful, so deep is not ascertain the extent to which.
Direct unto attic
then walked Han no longer hesitate.
Some from the attic after
near, only showing its tall majestic, at least the big three or four times the ordinary pavilion.

The pavilion’s entrance is a semi-circular arches, twenty feet high, and there is a layer of yellow curtains shut the arches.

Han to the door when looked at the curtain.

tilted slightly a thought, hands glaucoma flash, a Chi Xu Jianguang long appeared in the hand.

Han gently with your fingers a little, then gently toward the blue curtain Jianguang a stamp.

ripple waves, Jianguang easily inserted into it, did not hinder.

this situation, so Han little surprised, but then the blue Jianguang a close, the same arm stretched inside.

a bit cool, like being wrapped in a cloud of the same liquid.

Han no longer hesitate to jump forward a stature, who disappeared through the curtain.

But through the arches, standing inside the attic Han Zheng Zhu.

actually appeared in front of rows of circular high Zhang Xu Yu Tai, the Jade Terrace sizes, made of white jade crystal, densely distributed in front of Han. There brilliance in the stone platform flashing different colors semicircular mask upside down on the table, which seems to have something like existence.

Han eyes slightly reduced, revealing a trace of excitement and color.

when he saw the “specter Court” words when. Probably already guessed himself hit the Grand Canal. The pavilion some ancient treasure hidden in all likelihood.

But now this pavilion empty nobody seems to take this passage to the previous one, or have already been selected the ancient treasure diversion out, or is to the second floor.

thought of this fine Han Yu Wang of these units, it was found that there is an individual and not that of jade semicircular stage to mask, but empty look.

As with the stairs leading to the second floor?

Han wondered up. After four sweep again, and did not find!

great curiosity to find him again after a few times, his eyes rested on a more specific point of jade table.
behind the desk on the first floor
this jade pavilion, alone at a single, extremely flat. Four weeks carved esoteric rune mark.
Han’s eyes only turn a few laps in the above, by virtue of their tactical deployment of science to determine that this is a peculiar shape to simple Chuansong Zhen.

deep look after the two he recovered eyes slowly along the rows of Yu Tai went to browse from the stage of the ancient jade treasure up.

as read on a piece of, but Han’s eyebrows wrinkled up.

“These ancient treasure, would be too time point of it?”

look at dozens of Yu Tai, the Han completely lost interest. His arms shoulder stood up and muttered, his face showing a trace of doubt color.

these things really live on stage jade “ancient treasure” in the name of every one not long dagger, like the earth is Hercules ancient style.

While flashing different colors of precious gas, but 韩立清 Chu, when will these things in the wild and is now feijian monks used knife is almost like magic exists, generally do not have too amazing supernatural powers .

certainly can not say that they are really useless!

just have such a magic sword bamboo bee cloud after which other levels of Han naturally can not see in the eyes. He also hoped to get the basket as there are special magical land of ancient treasure.

While this thought, but the fear of what they have or omissions Han Yu Tai Jiangdajingshen will all have to see it again.

result Han sighed, no longer hesitate to go to that Chuansong Zhen.

he believes there should be something different is on the second floor.

on Chuansong Zhen began after installation pieces. Han in a burst of white light to the new premises.
This is the specter Court

Han narrowed his eyes staring at the front slightly, lips closed up.

here little space, in addition to the mask in front of a huge ball not far outside, surrounded by what are not empty.

about more than ten feet high and this mask, exudes a soft blue light, Zhang Xu high off the ground in the center of the story is very eye-catching.

which there are dozens of different styles to ancient treasure in there quietly floating.

have books, jade tablets, round bowl, black streamers, etc. Han know there are unidentified things, and did not as repetitive.

see here, Han joyful hearts, know that they come to the right place.

but these things so blatant on here, if it already is well received in the previous monks to scrape splitting up. Which also round to him,

this Xiangba, Han recite his hands and walked slowly to the ball mask, and then turn it around three or four laps, it stopped.

a mouth, a small sword Cunxu long blue spray out from the mouth of the Han.

circling overhead after a few laps. Just the idea of ​​God Han under a move. Suddenly one of Qingmang straight to tie the mask to the bottom.

“bang” Qing Xiang, the mask is flashing sword pierced by a small hint at a bright blue light. Qingmang even directly bounce back, did not work half points.

see this scene, Han anger against hi.

more so, the more that precious ancient treasure within spherical mask pole.

Han colored face again the excitement of mouth, spitting out of nine consecutive channeling small sword. These small sword after Han’s head while sounding synthesized a glaucoma Sword.

“cut” Han population low growl.

Sword trick force split Huashan, unceremoniously against the mask is the sword.
“boom” sound, sword shield wall contact, what broke open a number of late-long gap.

Han hint lighted.

but did not take any action, such as when, suddenly out following a powerful force coming from the inside, Sword “bass” sound hard bounces out.

and after that road gap blue flash, then reply as ever.

Han first surprised a moment, then his face darkened. Rubbed his chin, staring back two spherical mask.

not long Han face a slow, slightly laughed.

he rushed sword point fingers, let it open to the dismantling of the song heard in clear, re-handle into nine small sword flying back to the body.

not hesitate to reach out to the subsequent waist a mold, one filled with bags of gold insect bite the beast out by his sacrifice.

hum big play, an insect matte gold and silver rush out from the bag.

mouth soon Di Xiao Han, immediately swarmed swarm rushed up. Instant mask covered with spherical bottom.
moment, which cover a wall in front of the group of insects Han was abruptly bite out of a three to four feet of the hole.

mask blue large, the hole was found in a burst of rapid contraction twisted up, respond faster than gold insect bite is still as one-third of phagocytosis.

Han saw not neglect, immediately incarnation of a slender glaucoma, and since has not been closed circle Kong Zhongfei escape into the inner wall of the cover at this time to re-bridge together.
After a convergence
glaucoma, Han’s stature within the mask.

looked around not far from revealing the ancient atmosphere of the dozens of ancient treasure, he also gently floating, his face a trace of excitement.

but Han did not dare to stay long in this hurried want to release the soul, probing look at the size of these ancient treasure aura.

but immediately face is a trace of bitterness color, even the soul from the body can not be nothing here.

way, he can only mere intuition and experience to pick one up.
thought so helpless, Han’s only a piece of thin wide-eyed look of the past.

strange edge? No, a look that is offensive ancient treasure, he is not rare.

token? Do not see it above image attached to a monster, and he should get the scrolls as before, driven by the Spirit of some beast.

snare? It is doing, he did not see the slightest use it, or forget it! To himself, will be a piece of ancient treasure excluded.

final, Han delineated three items.

one is golden oval surface mirrors, one in five even colored copper ring together, the last one is a large dark red cloak.

was chosen this three, Han of course have their own thoughts.

golden mirror Needless to say, as long as the repair Once upon a mirror like magic, almost without exception, is strange supernatural powers, so powerful treasure.

Han certainly do not want to miss.

strung together five colored brass ring, which is probably also contains the five elements of the property, although I do not know what is supernatural, power certainly not small.

The last one cloak ……

four hundred and sixtieth eight chapters strange heijia

Han’s eyes on this cloak to stay the longest.

As a very peculiar shape of this cloak, as much two layers. There is a silver thread compiled, the outside is a root singularity unknown feathers fly posted above. These feathers changing out the carnage in the mask in the dark, it is extremely strange.

two classes of magic to cloak Han But the first time I saw, their function is extremely natural curiosity.

However, according to his guess. This ancient treasure hidden breath may have defenses or miraculous. Both of these are in the sanctuary enemies as Han Lin Mediator life, needed supernatural ah!

looking at these three pieces of ancient treasure, Han’s face showing lingering color.
One of only
removed, will be sent out to ban the attic. He must make a choice for the job.

stands to reason, take the golden mirrors that most insurance.

Han almost certainly its small Vaillant absolutely not, it will take up his strength immediately rose.

want that weird colored brass ring, you might give him a surprise. It is the set of features and colored brilliance, have made this ancient treasure seem very mysterious.

As for the cloak is promising soon after took came in handy, maybe in a crisis can save him a little life yet.

Han eyes on these three things rotate back and forth non-stop

even though he usually do not visibly, in the face of these treasures at your fingertips, and sometimes also some hesitation and worry about the outcome together. After a little while, Han took a deep breath, look calm down.

this time he only thought for a while after. Heads naked flash, a whimsical note appeared in the brain.

the idea of ​​unexpected, so Han heart beating straight jump.

It is understood that he was against the law and prohibited. The people went out abruptly diversion from one space to Superior ban. Unless found a total ban to pivot or direct use brute force to get rid of a proscribed enveloped the entire space, almost no way tricky confrontation. A nice touch to set the ban, people can not help being sent.
Both methods
Han, nature is impossible.

total ban pivot find this space, there is no master-level master matrix method in this study to find the number of years and do not want to think of this thing.

with a pretty strong to get rid of, that is unless Han skull bad things will go off.

Yuan Ying odd so many do not have a successful, he will soon be the only knot Dan monk is delusional.

But he got Destroys experience, the talented Sim as the tactical deployment of voice channels, but in one of the classics of the prohibition specifically for space presents a theoretical conjecture. Can temporarily unable to make space ban takes effect the moment.

Although only a short moment, but this time more than enough to grab Han then an ancient treasure.

But to do this step requires monks must have a way to complete their spiritual power, and all the energy space temporarily cut off communication, not a hint of ground contact.
this assumption written in the scriptures, Sim himself as self-deprecating tone, wrote in the back, even if I’m afraid Yuan Ying monks are not so magical, this is just a momentary whim. There really such a big supernatural monks. Fully reliable on its own strength to forcibly break the ban, and why such a trouble.

After all, this community of monks, at most Lianqi occult art of smart people can not find enough of it, how could really sever ties and earth aura.

But when Han Dong Fu read this paragraph, but immediately think of gold insect bite devour the earth energy metamorphosis ability, and on a whim to do a little experiment. The results mobilized gold insect bite to him, has really succeeded that short moment of time. This, just as a joke Han temporary move only later did not care.

But now a matter to recall, Han heart could not help picking up.

breath of Han ponder for a moment. Feel that this is really a great hope of success. Is not he just take an ancient treasure most, nothing, will not lose anything.
this Xiangba, Han did not hesitate. Immediately waved his hands, body bags reveal all the offerings out, tens of thousands of gold insect bite out of the buzzing fly in, turning to a huge cloud of insects hovering around the Han around again.

Han did not bother them gold insect bite, but again looked

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On your side, you will not be lonely at nights. “Drew ran out, flying back and forth in front of her.

“is not the same.”

Fung Mo shook her head, she unhesitatingly say these words out, Ti Ya heard somehow, asked:. “Miss, I do not understand.”

“Nothing.” FengWu face appeared a little smile, “I was reminded of something.”

door suddenly came gently knock on the door, followed by a maid’s voice sounded: “Miss Fung Mo, Mr. Henry to come to you.”

“Well, ask him to wait a moment in the hall, I’ll go.” Fung Mo told Road.

“am.” answered the maid left, the pace slowly crescendos far.

Ti Ya ineffectively laugh.

“What are you laughing?”

“I do not understand.”


“Mr. Eric about you, you would not go out, said the boy was afraid and went out, people misunderstand, but recently almost on Saturday and Sunday, you have to go out and Henry Master, Master Henry do not you boy?”

FengWu curled his lip: “Mr. Henry, of course, is a boy, but he was just a child, and children with a sense of security.”

children? People like you, great. Ti Ya laughed within herself, his mouth was asked: “? Mr. Eric with you and you do not have a sense of security.”

FengWu shrugged and said: “People will think what Nannvzhiqing between me and him.”

“You and Henry master together, as people would think so.”

“nothing but a child.”

“Today you went somewhere to play?”

“not to play,” Fung Mo tidied dress, waved to the Ti Ya:. “He came to send me back to school.”

goodbye to Henry Fung Mo was found earlier time, due to the departure of Sharjah and black, her mood is extremely depressed, they came not far from St. Paul’s School of wandering up piece of Commercial Street, Drew invisible way places sitting on her shoulder nagging, anyway Fung Mo is turning a deaf ear, she did not know what to say.

Suddenly, Fung Mo found in front of some people surrounded by a large circle, do not know what to see, she also curious to squeeze past.

turned out that the middle of the crowd is a beast eggs sell all kinds of Warcraft middle-aged, he is hard to publicize the people around their goods: “I have here are all genuine wild beast of Warcraft eggs,cheap ugg boors, if you have eye Wow picked 一枚 high-end beast eggs, after that the future may incalculable You know, a good magician and warrior familiars But the most important partners, even Warcraft assist nature in your future adventures and fighting will give you the most in need of help, so do not miss this good opportunity, I have here are only the finest acquisitions of Warcraft beast eggs, buy to seize the time, missed opportunities may not come again. “

this person is to incite emotional onlookers, many people are in the middle-aged man turned to those placed on the booth of Warcraft animal eggs, Fung Mo suddenly remembered the other end Henry Jin Yan Hu, also want to buy only the initiation familiars idea – she just wanted to get hold of the partners.

that it will wind blows middle-aged, Fung Mo came up beside enthusiastic introduction: “The lady is really great vision, credibility I 迪斯里 in Strasbourg are known, do not believe you just . ask around you good luck, these are just closing down I, “his voice suddenly low down, very mysterious authentic:” These things put on the next plane is nothing, really good stuff, I can not misplacing you to choose it, will make you satisfied. “

Then he took out a black wooden road from the booth:. “Here is what I just Amoy good stuff, you see.”

FengWu opened the box, on which stood a blue egg on the bottom of the box Warcraft beast red velvet, and there are even a faint cloud-shaped patterns.

“good looking, boss, how much money?” Fung Mo asked.

“200 gold coins.” middle-aged man whispered.

FengWu face showing disappointment, the wooden box down, shook his head and said:. “I’m sorry, I’m not that much money.”

“That …… 100 gold coins.” Disi Li’s face was bleeding painful expression.

“I only have 20 gold coins.” Fung Mo looked at her, and then make the way to go.

“Do …… 20 gold also, right when I was invested, after a friend bought eggs of Warcraft you let them find me.” Disi Li’s face is like …… it secret.

“deal.” Fung Mo faint smile, gave him 20 gold coins, then put away the egg animal eggs.
In turn the corner after a
, FengWu see no one around, remove the egg blue egg Warcraft, misgivings and asked: “? Drew, this is really higher Warcraft” Just if it is Drew egg on her, she will never buy one himself did not understand the article.

“Master, you can rest assured, there will be no mistake.” Drew confident authentic.

FengWu holding animal eggs back to the dorm, thought for a moment, decided to repeat the first beast eggs hatch. The animal eggs on the table, Fung Mo endured the pain of two drops of blood up and then lying on the table, staring at his hands Tuosai animal egg, Drew seems to be more anxious than she flew on her head The.

Gradually, animal eggs changed, after a while a popping sound, a number of the beast crushing the egg shell cracks, a plume of blue smoke coming out from the cracks in, instant, smoke has filled the room, Fung Mo do not see that the situation in the house, nor convenient to use magic to drive, the only worry is that the house did not catch fire signs.

“Drew, how is this going?” Fung Mo never experienced Warcraft beast eggs hatch, suddenly can not remember which book has been introduced in this regard.

“uh, I’m not sure.” Drew this guy afford not fly.

At this time, the door rang, the door came the sound of Hans: “Fung Mo, are you in there?”

Hans is to see phoenix has not come back, I did not expect one into the yard, they found the room filled with smoke, startling him, quickly shouted up.

“I, Hans,cheap uggs, what happened to you?” FengWu speaker asked.

Hans hear Fung Mo’s response, some relieved, finally did not happen, “Hey, Fung Mo,uggs outlet, you do not play with fire you?”

“Nothing, I just hatching eggs beast.” Fung Mo tone is very casual. 16977 games updated daily fun little game, waiting for you to discover!

Volume FengWu section forty-eighth anonymous teacher

Hans Khan a: beast eggs hatch there are so exaggerated it?

Just then, a popping sound, animal eggs burst open, pale blue mist began to disperse, and a little thing appeared on the table, it is about half a meter to a high, round yo body about a meter square, four chubby short legs, slender neck, head rounded carapace with thirteen cloud pattern. WenXueMi.CoM little things right is obviously very interested in this new world, wandering around his head to look around.

“This …… Drew, the tortoise is looking for you to give me a senior Warcraft?” Watching FengWu dumbfounding that are busy eating eggshell little things on the desktop.

“uh, should not be the case, the owner, I take a break.” Drew flash, gone back to the seal of the book.

“Fung Mo, this is your war beast hatch?” Hans eyeball almost fell out to the turtle to fight the beast …… really is an alternative.

“am.” Fung Mo extremely depressed, she did not explain that he is a magician down, this is magic pet rather than fight the beast.

“…… you saying that more communication about feelings, fighting when they could act in harmony.” Hans shook his head and leave.

Hans away, Fung Mo go back in time, the tortoise shell has finished, the body seem to have a big circle, Wuliu little eyes looked at her curiously, the eyes reveal a close look, look …… seems quite lovely, she touched its little head, “call you later ‘basaltic’ Well, you had better act quickly after, oh.”

“Drew, magic pet eat something?” pretending that she will call out the experts asked to make a book.

“War should always eat animals or magic crystal magic nucleus to Bridging, signed a contract with the magician’s magic pet can absorb magical elements themselves, the other thing …… it by its habit of feeding on the line, if it is trouble free, will it back to the magic pet can be a space to grow their own. “

newborn quickly past the applicable period, in accordance with the provisions of St. Paul College, freshmen enrollment months …… uh, that is, after the end of the first half of the semester, to have a show, to show their achievements, a week after seeing To show up, Fung Mo began training hard arrow skills.

night sometime, on the corner of College Fung Mo is also a clearing exercises will inject real dollars arrows …… Poof! Shaft suddenly burst open, like an inflatable balloon exploded in general, though they do not hurt people, but it makes her very embarrassed, but fortunately there is always a way to magician makes his own cool-cool, clean up again after she continue to practice.

this space due to the remoteness, few people, so she went to practice here, but today it touches liven up, in addition to her, there is a person accidentally come here – is her report that day in college encountered outside Livingston

her, Livingstone saw FengWu not find yourself, just observe quietly about her. Indeed, the reason he noticed the girl and not just because it was discovered that she was a talented good Mofaxuetu …… he is a silver Juggernaut, for Mofaxuetu not interested, but he felt like this girl A person familiar.

intently watching FengWu inject ‘vindictive’ (Livingstone did not know real dollars), Livingstone was surprised to arrows inside, generally speaking, a practicing magician is absolutely not vindictive, and this little girl too surprising.

with a second failure, a second attempt, Fung Mo insisted that Livingstone trance, many years ago, the memory of the little girl seems to appear in front of Qierbushe practice ……

“My child, you are wrong.”

old man involuntarily said.


is practicing in FengWu stopped and saw the man standing behind seemed familiar, “Grandpa, I do wrong?”

three lines must be my teacher, and this kind of grandfather who face filled with a powerful atmosphere, modest little wrong.

very polite child Well, Livingstone very satisfied with the performance of the phoenix, nodded and said:. “First holding bow posture is not right”

he made a bow open bow grip posture and said: “To riding and shooting, archer such as refuse, FLAC, such as tearing, want it straight forelegs, hind want their music, like this -” He put a a posture, a sudden, Fung Mo have a misconception, though no bow in his hand, but it gives a feeling of heaven down to earth Arrow of God, graceful movements, impeccable, extremely powerful point.

“bow to.” Livingstone Chen Sheng Road, Fung Mo hesitate to Shame phoenix handed over.

“! good bow” Livingstone praise loudly, Fung Mo solution to bow to the demonstration, said: “left hand holding the bow shall be so slightly down on the tip, the right palm care of the target, the target index finger hook, the middle of the state, such as the olecranon , more than three fingers and a thumb tight execution target such as refuse; hand the note in the chord vector forefinger thumb cover, another three-finger chord swept tight chest pocket executive palms and had to elbow grip ribs, then full hair, a square accurate and powerful. archery, if urgent, then floating nothingness force. “

“Thank grandfather pointing! can you see this?” Fung Mo overjoyed, took Shame phoenix, according to Livingstone’s instructions to do a few times.

good, very good understanding Well, Livingstone secretly nod, and corrected a few minor errors after Fung Mo, said: “No matter how the surrounding environment, the action is not standard, it can not guarantee the exact target, therefore, to meticulous practice until you can in any environment can make the same action, then is its laurels. “

“grandfather, my ‘vindictive’ Why do not always smoothly transported to the arrows it?” Fung Mo asked the most questions she depressed?

“haste makes waste, too far, these two tips grind your own surmise, when understood, what time would excel.” Livingstone smiled, he looked thoughtfully FengWu a , asked: “Children, what’s your name?”

“My name is FengWu. Hainie Er.” Fung Mo respectfully replied.

Hainie Er?

Livingstone Jingmang eyes flashed, it really is a child, it seems that I can contribute to the heart, “Fung Mo, you are willing to follow me arrows you?”

“willing!” Fung Mo excited salute, she can guarantee the absolute level of the elderly on Tiffany Na generals, “Teacher, how do you call?”

Livingstone smiled, “You call me ‘Teacher’ on the line, starting tomorrow, every night you have to come visit, I’ll be here to teach you skills arrows, but I’m going to warn you, do Do not tell anyone, otherwise the fate of our students and teachers on this end, you have to remember! “

“is that students must remember!” Fung Mo promised soon, his heart was very puzzled, since ancient times to close the students are wary of doing Master’s reputation is not significant that he met this really strange today, if not feel each other Powerful breath, she thought it was met charlatan. 16977 games updated daily fun little game, waiting for you to discover!
Volume FengWu section forty-ninth day of show

newborn performing the day finally arrived, it was the busiest year in Sao Paulo School of three events, the other thing is the graduation ceremony and celebration two days. wWw.wenxueMi.CoM this day, in addition to the major investor Institute, Strasbourg military officials, as well as friends and family with newborn civilians have voluntarily come to the ceremony or the aristocracy, which is not only St. Paul’s School Festival, also in Strasbourg Sheng song.

after the opening ceremony of song and dance performances, each department is performing, knight classes, fighter classes, swordsman class, and finally turn archer classes. Due to the large number of performers is a bundle conducted FengWu spectators when most of the day after, and finally her turn played.

among those who watch the show, there are many risk-takers, although they show disapproval for this aristocratic, but it does not prevent it as a kind of pleasing performances to enjoy.

came to the venue in the middle, Shame Fung Fung Mo removed, the seal of the book after the main though not recognized as income of the body like the artifact, but in our hands is nothing but a common book size, and weight is not heavy, Even in his pocket closing is not very conspicuous.

see farm female archer’s bow removed, the audience for archers who have some understanding stared. Fung Mo tall is not high, it is equivalent to fourteen, five year old, and she did not spend their fourteenth birthday, thin and short coupled with her beautiful facial features, but also adds a bit childish , and the first feeling of Shame is a phoenix longbow, length is almost flat with her tall, looks very funny …… This is what people see when Fung Fung Mo Shame off of.

“actually use such a little girl so much a bow, she can pull it?” sitting in the audience on stage who are curious, they do not believe there is such an effort to pull this little girl longbow.

“heads, look, the bow is good exaggeration, so beautiful, so long, is a special, right?” Babri rub rub his arm next to Xi Erding, but found that the expression of Xi Erding exceptionally serious.

“is not only special,” Xi Erding whispered: “see no, if you are a magician, you will feel the magic atmosphere on the bow, those patterns are mysterious magic runes, I’m afraid this girl a Mogong hand. “

希尔丁 and Babri are comrades with a mercenary group, the name is very strange mercenary group called ‘Freedom and Wildness’ 希尔丁 is head of the team of people much, but it is very close cooperation , head of the Xi Erding is a very

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Is the early return. Beijing, where many things are waiting for you to deal with, if there is no next time, do not come so tired coming. “

“Oh, are you still going around the old wound in me to go.”

“No, oh, there is something else.” magnolia pulled from the arms a jade and a map, “this thing, so long should have your own custody, and, you ordered the tax-free for three years, the Treasury still need more money. “magnolia is the day Yan Zaixuan hands to her rescue goblins maps and jade.

goblins …… chest a cold,cheap ugg boors, aching.

“Now is not needed and you keep it, I hope you’ll keep it for me!” he sighed, really hope that she will always keep for him, even if he never stood outside her gate.

“really do not need, but …… that I can help you stood it.” What seems to say, magnolia stopped.

Lishan Battle stopped down, and the arena before martial cooperation is still in force, the court privately to the chief and five hundred thousand taels of silver, one hundred thousand taels of gold. This is not a small number, however, large rivers and lakes, and sometimes better than the court, when martial arts martial art that, years ago, there have been a moment of treasure map, the first still not been excavated, all of them are around the corner.

After all, the various sects more or less rampant in the door when the Yen, has been hit hard, even, there are many risked being Daughter, this way, this arena mess, need to re-divide the forces, but the key is money.
genial vision, magnolia can clearly smell,cheap uggs, because of a bloody treasure map induced coming. And that shower of blood, it should be started in Greentown.

intended these things, tell Yanzai Xuan, but is afraid of much concern, so we are not quiet.

meal, it was late, magnolia looking a little tired, or stick to 燕子轩 sent the carriage, lest he hang like a pair.

carriage is the time to start, after all, could not help but whisper magnolia road, “I do not know, boundaries, whether peace?”

carriage of 燕子轩 see pale, faint, “very quiet for months, nor were there came from heaven.”

“Oh good! that the way you take care of yourself!” Then, magnolia leaning belly slowly turned back to the hamlet.

looked up, watching the yellow lantern yard point, magnolia with a sigh. After that incident,uggs outlet, her life, the red disappear from her life, the hanging red lanterns that have been replaced by a yellow, colorful clothes, but also the lack of red alone, even the yard no red flowers . While searching Mei Chuang Tzu, but not a plum.

and just the frontier issue, but also refuses to talk about between them, because the border is only their mouths and swallow Xiqi country. If you live in peace, which shows that Xiqi people, has been completely back, but also means that no man’s message.

you? Now you, okay?

“Mrs. White Lotus Festival tomorrow, we want to go bye-bye ah?” serve her girl tentatively asked.

“White Lotus Day? What festival?” magnolia wondering, do these have the White Lotus.

“said Mrs. audible Lotus boy? said that this time of year, will bring Lotus Goddess Guanyin boy born to the world, bless babies born in Greentown, there is a very famous lotus temple, where the incense is Wang, moreover, the Goddess of Mercy is also a special manifestation of it. “

“Really?” magnolia do not believe this, but the hand covered in the stomach, her eyes flashed strange.

———– cats dividing line ————–

: Even today, completely off the ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Khan, this is not the peak ah

text of Volume III: Chapter IV

“yes ah. [read it novel network Www.DuDu8.Net] in Greentown, the lotus festival, but the most famous festival, and, not long ago, specifically to send food to our porters Chuang said he lady dystocia, He knelt on the night inside the house, the child and his lady are saved, it is the manifestation of Buddha. And …… “

“Well! that tomorrow will go!” magnolia should channel, “By the way, a few days after the Dragon Boat Festival, although we donations, but I also want to look at this thing in the palm of Greentown, our money, in the end how act. “

next morning, to find plum parked outside a carriage Zhuangzi, a vast pedestrian left the Zhuangzi, about an hour later, and a sedan parked in the search Meizhuang inconspicuous back door, wearing white clothes Body slightly rich state woman was helped out.

early summer, the weather was not very hot, the woman dressed in a cloak, veil-like hat on his head, a slight bow, and that hat he covered her face.

Today is White Lotus Festival, Greentown down, walked carrying a lotus lanterns are people who have walked toward the moat. That is the end of the moat famous lotus temple. At the moment, already full of people, carrying a lotus lantern in the hall to pray, then, after praying the lantern on the water, it will be along the water lanterns floating down the river, the exit to the moat, if you see his Lotus, that Buddha will bless you.

Manglietia appeared, and no attention in the hall outside. In most opinion, she is pregnant, the body sweating wealthy woman, dressed in such clothes, not the introduction of strange. East | Fang Fiction | Network lnw.m

“Madame, please write the child’s name?” maid carrying a lantern and walked over a piece of paper, “a little later, we will put the child’s name inside the lotus, sails down, accept the Goddess Guanyin Bless. “

“name?” magnolia surprised a moment, and laugh, “My child, never born, how do you know it’s sex, and how to know its name?”

“Ha ha ha, lady, you can write two ah?” That girl Wuzui smiled, then handed the pen and paper magnolia.

looked blankly rice paper, magnolia and shook hands in front of the pen, but also how to get stuck, eye lift, through the layers of the crowd, watching the clear water, the sun, glowing sparkling The shimmering, swayed on both sides of the green, there is no curved clear water.

clear water ……

dream, a pair of dark green eyes, like grief, like resentment ……

paper handed girl, young curious girl, expand a look, handsome face was a little surprised tender, softly read, “Yan Bi pupil ……” finished Bianxiang magnolia cast a puzzled look, but also know what to do.

time to Greentown, when this girl to be sent to the brothel, handsome face, saw her at first sight, magnolia almost immediately exclaimed aloud. Because she’s too much like tea length, and finally disregard Yan Zaixuan opposition, she threw the girl to stay in the side. East | Fang Fiction | Network lnw.m

“Yan Bi pupil ……” girl and read, “‘Lady, do surnamed Yan son?”

Manglietia helpless smile, her mouth natural son to know who is this girl means is 燕子轩. “You shall not ask, folded quickly, we have to go put the lantern, earlier return Zhuangzi.”

“Well, but this name is really nice.”

“Is it good?”

“Yes ah, giving a beautiful feeling.” girl on the paper lotus center, leaning magnolia went to the river, squeezed into the crowd.

beautiful? Yes, ah, that person has a reversed beings face, kids, is quite the beauty of it, that moment, his face flashed magnolia gentle smile.

delicate white lotus sails down, little girl praying with eyes closed Nianlejiju, leaning magnolia and walking along the river, unblinking eyes stared lanterns, like fear of flying.

watching the little girl a pair of serious effort, magnolia began eyeing Greentown, this is the place to come here after six months, she first appeared in this year-round spring. The river is full of verdant willow, although thick, but not cover the downtown of the city, on those beautiful shops proud verification.

jade, tea, silk shop, there Dufang, brothel ……

“tea, we are tired, sit down and rest.”

“However, there is no export to that river it? I have looked at the Lotus ah?”

“Otherwise, you go, this is not there people? I am here waiting for you.” magnolia quietly pointed to a few guards to protect their channel.

“grace.” magnolia leaning sitting on the stone chair, that girl right again to find the lantern to go along with the crowd.

also in this case, came across a few top sedan, parked in a place not far away from the magnolia, looked golden and green decoration, magnolia one will see that this is the brothel’s chair, she was not expected Several dress sexy, not the young woman walked out.

“Look, this one more than the last year of it?” One woman exclaimed, his eyes filled with envy intended.

magnolia suddenly clear. Prostitutes can not have children, but as we age, and hope that their day from benign, over the average woman mothers day.

“Yes ah, even before Greentown also more business passengers, however, are not necessarily more ex-off.” one woman whispered sigh.

“That is the charm of the night I do not know where to go and got a small palace guan’er, like the fox, as well come up with so many tricks of it, which makes it Greentown whack.”

“not.” woman in green scarves wiped his lips with rouge, pressing the voice said, “called yesterday, charm the palace a few nights off kindness really trouble up, I heard the little WEI Husband guan’er questions are answered yes, but just a poor final That little guan’er not care, shaking body turned away, looking for other guests. that Wei Husband an emergency, immediately on the ignition to take people away, the results and Several other ex off a fight. “

“Ha ha ha, how to sing that song, it touches people hook it too!” seems to think of what the woman in green.

next few passengers complained grace woman, thought for a moment, he sings,

“put aside yesterday and now you are in front of me

I would love to please give me a chance

if I’m wrong you can bear finds the answer

who laughed at me I’m not afraid of extreme

trust your instincts

stubborn still Hanlei

fall in love with you I do not retreat. “

————— cats dividing line ——–

: Yen kitten, Yan Xiaoqiang, not substantiated.
Yao Yao’s real name
small are: Bi Yan pupil!

text of Volume III: Chapter

hands slipped from the ground white scarf, magnolia gave brusque, a few days before the woman came and said, “Girl, I ask you to listen to this song come from where?”

on white woman suddenly came out, a few women look hesitated, looked down from her. [Read read it, said small network Www.DuDu8.Net]

white coat hood is made from fine silk, transparent, soft, cool, women’s apparel and embroidery looked on, a few Prostitutes eyes could not help a bright yellow flowers that actually gold silk embroidery.

watching white woman, black hair under a surprisingly pale face, bloodless and angry, only a pair of eyes, bright and clear, in the down, he saw the woman slightly protruding belly.

float a trace of several women face ridicule, so that they could not help think of those who have hope for her husband to return home the night of the poor woman.

“Does Madame know this song?” woman in green eyebrow asked.

“certainly know, but I want to know where you heard that?”

“Ha ha ha ……” Several women Wuzui laughed this song, most recently in Greentown, but notoriously children, this woman even boasted that he knew, still ask where to spread out.

“If the lady really know this song, you tell us Commissioned children, then we will tell you where to sing this song.”

“This song full name preference, girl, you do not have to sing all the lyrics, which is good there are a few ‘do not listen to talk about love and more efforts have chosen to love’ is it?”

“preference?” One woman exclaimed, “really strange song title children really wonder what is called a preference, no one can guess, ah East |!. novel network | lwo.m” the woman saw that several each other glances, his eyes seemed to flicker something.

“That lady tell me where you are before you hear that?” magnolia anxiously asked, this time, could have been people around the river, suddenly turned Chaoguan trail coming, like a saw What surprised something like a loud call channel.

“Oh, that’s not the carriage house charm nights it?”

“Look, like that little guan’er it?” the voice coming out of a group of people suddenly exploded like a pot, like trouble again.

large number of people gathered around, and that several guards hurried to cover your magnolia, a circle, in the middle of the magnolia care, and the crowd, like a tide, with them also moved to the middle road.

“really is the charm of the carriage house night, you see, that is the ANC government side of the carriage back?” one of them exclaimed.

“Yes ah, do last night, the little guan’er Wei adults to really be abducted?” discussions sound come and go, people upturned neck, Sarkozy looked in one direction, some curious, some people hold sigh, all lit toes, anxious his neck long-thirds. Dong Fang $ $ novel network lw.m

“hey, that looks pretty mellow little guan’er heard than women, and that a weak body can withstand it? Wei who do not know what it is, the last of a new small guan’er, not to toss and Gee ……. “

“Hush, Hush you.” few people are talking about the fall of the magnolia ears, so she immediately frowned and was about to call people to go, the crowd erupted one I exclaimed, behind the people crowded forward again, can not wait to silence the Official Road. The crowd was brought to the forefront of the magnolia had single-handedly pulled the hat covering his face with one hand guarding the stomach, only a few guards around cautiously.

“come, come! quick look, really someone sitting inside?” delighted cheers filled the ears of magnolia, in this case, can not help but curious magnolia looked up, saw a really magnificent carriage, sections from.

four horses walking in front of a groom dressed in luxurious pale cold, are rushing whip, because many people, there are rules Guan Dao, horse line slowly, that four-wheeled carriage issued bluestone tie tack trail crisp sound. The most beautiful is that of the top four sides open, a red-curtained body, top with studded with bright crystal, covered with yellow wreaths shaking, and that the layers of the big red curtain with carriage forward and shaking occasionally raised, revealing a slim shadow reclined carriage.

Although not see the face, only vaguely saw a figure, Greentown people are opening their eyes toward the carriage squeeze past, can not wait to climb the carriage, to see which one looks like children.

carriage every step closer, and that some people, like water flowing, fast travel to the time when the magnolia in front of, behind people like crazy, hub up, so that, once again pushed to the magnolia the front side of the guards how to get on it to push open people, and sometimes did not estimate the magnolia, was a push, she fell to the ground.

while traveling to her in front of the carriage, suddenly shaking up the original, filled with people on the Official Road, the road becomes narrow, plus magnolia suddenly fell on top, then the driver hurriedly pulled the reins, wagon wheels suddenly put with one stone, violent shaking.


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Holes on leave out, faint light beam falls between the two, I saw drifting dancing.
“Yong Yong seen in ? how mind?” slightly inclined, I began.
Xiong Yong silence.
I seriously said: “Although the love Yong joke, but others sincere, credible people, but also for the people willing to work with  Friends of?.”
“? Oh,” Xiong Yong suddenly smile: “ so that??”
“natural.” My every word clear: “If not,cheap uggs, would not brave Sanfanliangci help , shall I sit here in different talk; I trust both brave, brave now also fear that broke camp?. people live to see me,uggs outlet, I saw fear is very confidential matter, provoke evil, can? “
Xiong Yong looked at me, did not answer. He looked uncertain, it seems to say, but in the end did not speak.
I looked at him, her eyes unwavering moment.
“I say you self-righteous.” he sighed like the head of a turn, got up and walked outside. before
hotels, XIONG Yong from people who still traveling and Imperial surrounded by attendants, waved his hand bear brave general, so that they moved away.
him before I went to the car, look at me, gentle tone: “Return without character section, smooth roads,  take care of yourself is?.”
I nodded, and Yang Qi smile: “courage all the way to take care of,  the only gratitude in my arms?.”
Xiong Yong pulling the corners of the mouth, like a bitter smile.
“can not!” At this time, next to the dragon must Chu came suddenly, with a thick accent, the sound of the song and drink. He stared at me, and then, they frown courage to bear, talking aloud to him a pass Chu dialect.
Xiong Yong scowled,cheap ugg boors, snapped off his drink, then denounced a few.
Chu Qiu must face reddened, seems bent like anger. He did not re-open, but watch intently to me, Qiu shall fretting, cold eyes that speak trampled people.
Xiong Yong looked at me, smiled: “?. beam rude,  Wuguai is.”
I did not mind smile, glance glance who called Chu beam to bear Yuichi ceremony: “ this leave?.”
Xiong Yong nodded.
I turned on the car, the sound of the Royal person Swagger, carriage gates Chi go along way forward.
time fairly well-off, as we do not like to hurry hurry when the speed slowed down a lot, the idea seemed a bit relaxed. Wilderness
under a golden autumn, the woods have come not far from bare, but do not have a pristine beauty. Pedestrians are still scarce, both sides gradually be lush trees, it is quiet, take a good period, only occasionally saw some lumberjack carrying firewood passing.
ears heard the sound of rushing water, I looked at the bottom of the road on the Wei River. Road extension to the hillside, and is no longer straight.
“said west potential risks, it seems that is indeed true, I have ever seen such a landscape, such as the Qi State?” imperial people tut sighed.
attendants laughed: “You are the first time, I used to often with the monarch, Prince Hajj, was surprised to find a lot more.”
I listened to their comments, look to the car, but the hearts of many thoughts. One would mind just turning the scene, one would then expect Kyi Yu, still worried about his own, but can not do anything.
look to the west, has long been invisible dog mound, I do not know further afield, Ji Yu doing ……
royal attendants and people do not know what comes up, laugh, listen attendants said:! “you mention, if on Tian Ge, I was young, no one in the sing off I do not believe I will sing to you holds many lessons Listen! “he said, slipping the voice sang, dragged on long tones, but sing quite implication.
Royal applauded loudly, I can not help but laugh.
attendants look of pride, awaiting sing, suddenly, “whoosh” sound, he suddenly Tonghu, we were shocked to look, but it is a Yu Jian through his left arm.
three color everyone is shocked, looked back, surprised to find the back of the dust raised, it seems someone is gallop. “When the” bang, another arrow flying, infinite violently through the curtain after curtain car, firmly nailed inches away from my car over the board.
I stared at it in shock.
“go!” reluctantly attendants shouted, who hastened to the Royal Swagger, two horses frightened sudden force, I sat instability, what toppled to the side.
afternoon sun accompanied by cold wind blowing, the road stretched forward into the mountains and forests, it seems that I do not know what awaits us buried. I turned around, the wind through the compartment behind the curtain raised the car, I saw smoke billowing, several riding shadow looming.
panic suddenly in my mind, I saw the head of a ride edged, barely visible surface shall Qiu man, but it is clearly bundle!
“fast!” I shouted toward the royal person.
He kept pumping loud whip, the horse run faster and faster, like a car to fall apart like Britain. Road took a turn at the front, awaiting Chi go, suddenly, piercing sound effect, an arrow through a royal person’s throat. Before I could react, he had his eyes wide open in front of me rolled down to the side.
“monarch not to panic! holding the reins!” attendants shouted loudly to me.
I tried to stabilize mood, sit out a hand to grasp the reins of royal people. Racing heart bursts, it seems to crash out, I continue to encourage their panic, eyes glued to the front, but could not stop the arms tremble.
can let me hard, after all, did not drive a car, two horses lost manipulation, actually getting some slow. If my heart was desperately anxious like, looked back, Chu bundle more recent, and has been able to see his hand longbow.
impending death moment like never before, seeing the crisis, I do not know where to give birth to one of courage, biting Yaochun, look to the front running horse, reins with both hands, slightly stood up.
“Monarch!” horror attendants shouted.
heart continued to pump myself up, my eyes glued to the front only, seeing the carriage drove a little flat road, stabilize the body, stepped on a stride car?, the next moment, tossed away the body forward, hands Fu Qi firmly in the back.
Jennifer seems a fright, almost jumped up, shaking a bit harsh carriage.
“not afraid! afraid!” Jennifer, I struggled to sit back, stroking its mane, heart beating heart to hit the wall, all with a trembling voice out. Sit tight body, I hunched, quickly pulled Ji Yu Bing donated straight toward it cuts off the fetters of the carriage behind. Blade sharp, neat and quick to cut loose belt to go.
chi and gradually separated from the carriage, with the last one off the rope, and I shouted, Jennifer felt like body relaxation, cast hooves ran forward, the coach left behind.
road gradually curved up, become dense woods on both sides, we try to take advantage of the terrain, not within the range of the body revealed. Suddenly, the air sounded chord rang, I hurried Fuseshita body, rubbing shoulders speak a shadow fly past.
moment, I seem to hear the bear Yong thundered. Arrows have been scared
Yee, Changsi soon, leaving Avenue, turned and ran toward the side of a fork. I shouted out loud, it lost control, road took a turn in front, regardless of whether chi straight into jungle.
“Yee!” I shouted, and quickly bowed his head, survived head called branches. Just listen to the branch issued a “Kaka” sound of broken hair and body are Huala was stinging.
“?!” suddenly heard shouting behind Bear Yong: “sacked sacked!!”
hesitations in my mind, still clutching the reins and hearts full of horror.
burst of hoofs comes hot pursuit, “?!” Xiong Yong suddenly heard behind him a loud shout, I’m not as back, has been a body threw himself heavily, down to the roadside high grass.

boat people

shrub grass dry broken sound, I landed heavily, listen Menheng heard himself firmly on the mat in a bear Yong’s body. They rolled two rolling in the grass, their spread.
I looked up, he Ziya pain wrinkled face, puts his eyes looked at me, hastily hand over: “?  no matter whether the ……”
anger from my heart, so that gas to try to push him, wait for him sit tight, I got up, and picked up a fist hit to go straight to his face.
“?!” Xiong Yong busy escape face a twisted my hands, awaiting the opening, a sudden burst of strong hoofs moment and to. Horses Changsi step forward in Chu beam condescending at us, sharp eyes, feeling murderous.
I felt taut, Yong Xiong aside, “Qiang” to draw the straight soldiers, staring furiously Chu beam. However, a look of contempt
Chu beam, bow and arrow, straight at me.
“Beam!” Xiong Yong thundered loudly, from the ground up and tried to force his bow and arrow Yexia with Chu snapped a language.
glaring beam to bear Yong Chu, like against, pointing to my vertical eyebrow argue.
Xiong Yong looking gloomy at once scary, apart from anything else, suddenly grabbed his hand and whip, a bamboo cane to him fiercely.
“pop” sound, Chu beam scratched the surface of a red bloodstain, horse purred, kicking a few steps.
Xiong Yong put the whip to throw to the ground hard, staring at him.
Chu beam longer action, brave bear watching in disbelief. Soon after, he looked at me like unwilling, but to vent their anger in a horse, a big hoot ran toward the woods outside.
forest complex and I was left with the bear brave duo, still holding my hand straight soldiers, glared at him.
bear a brave face slander, and no longer came near, paused, and said: “?? , first out these days.”
me motionless.
Xiong Yong sighed: “, you do not believe worth mentioning, this is definitely not inspired me when I found that the beam has disappeared, I had to come riding, fortunately in time?..”
I’m still open, although the hearts of suspicion, but some little stability. Xiong Yong did not kill what I mean, just the scene, he if malicious, as long as I continue with any Qi into the woods, is so dense branches, take away my life, but a matter of moments.
straight soldiers a little down, I looked at him hard and voice: “How do you stay?”
Xiong Yong heads flashed a bright color, turned around and look behind him, said: “? I first went out, etc.,  assured that from the outside are my people shall be no fear.”
I said coldly: “You are from people?”
Xiong Yong looked at me helplessly: “, beams are Junfu Elegance I, I can not get how he had just met you, as long as there beside me, he was not for you to start?..”
I’m a little hesitant. This remark is pretty good, if called him go first, I’m afraid I do not know what time Chu bundle will come back. Anyway, I now have only one person, and they bring me how easy, but it can not change myself to stay here anything.
“your previous line.” I began.
Xiong Yong smile, turned down on the ground to take the horse to be messy trail, woods and walked toward the outside.
only the next carriage horse, still carrying me to go back.
out onto the road, bear brave few who really have been waiting on from there, I do not know the whereabouts of Chu beam has. They took me to find a carriage, bear brave let me get on, said he personally sent me back to the abundance later.
No way, I’m going against the car body side, silently watching the wind flipping the car tent. In front of the horse Huitou Zhao Yong Xiong look to me from time to time.
mood seemed to fall into the lowest valley, Royal person’s death to heavy pressure in the chest, with the attendant negative injury, but was missing. He is? Guard from the side sent in to me, just strain astute seen only hope he has left ……
sound of rushing water came, not far away, Wei swayed under daytime sky, rippling waves. Suddenly, I heard bursts of cries, looked sparse trees open road, I saw not far from the ferry as much as one, two big boat parked at the shore, a team of porters carrying something positive to the above.
mind a move, I called to let the bear courage to stop.
“What?” Xiong Yong over and asked.
I said: “courage does not have to send me there waterside boat, is the abundance of my boat back.”
Xiong Yong to see the water, they look at me, eyes wide open: “Why?”
I looked at him in silence.
Xiong Yong seems to understand what, expressions of frustration, but still insisted:? “, holds many lessons I know you want to believe me it is difficult, but you must think, although the speed boat, now you are unable to people traveling to the abundance you and When How to get hotel? “
“That you do not need to worry,” I said:. “hotel near the ferry in abundance, I have come to see.”
Xiong Yong Mengran, for a moment, smile: “?. , you do not want to believe the boat people believe in me.”
I looked at him, shook his head sigh and said:. “Yong, suffered a lot today, and I just do not want to delay the moment.”
Xiong Yong watching me, heads slightly dark.
long pause, he will not say anything, and turned toward the crowd waterside command.
outstretched long trestle on the banks of a strong black middle-aged man is standing on board, directing the porters who will put baskets of goods. Seen approaching a pedestrian, they are lengleleng, eyes cast.
I walked up to the board that humanity: “spawned a boat, you can also get know me?”
boat spawned shocked, carefully looked at me, his eyes suddenly light up, surprised: “The woman?”
I nodded.
boat spawned laughed, and jumped down from the big boat, walked up to me, hand, foot and hectic bowed deeply to me: “! villain seen your daughter.”
seen him look, I can not help but also infected some smile: “You do not have much ceremony, I come, then you are to help.”
boat spawned patted his chest, cheerfully said: “!! any words to help your daughter is to have anything but commanded”
I smiled, looked into his eyes: “Can I send to the abundance?”
boat spawned look at me, passing hint of surprise, then smiled and said:. “your woman to repeat itself too serious, since when sending your female villain back to Feng”
I nodded: “There is labor.”
“first cargo to be the villain! your daughter wait!” boat spawned loudly, turned and ran toward the boat.
I should be a sound, turned around to see the bear brave.
He stared at me: “ actually know who was this boat??”
“twice seen nothing.” I said dismissively.
Xiong Yong nodded:. “So,” he looked at the big boat, they look to me like there is hesitation: “? , I say something to you guys?”
I looked at him: “What if?”
Xiong Yong glanced glanced next, it seems quite comfortable, not far from pointing a space, said:. “whither Office speech” Then he turned and walked.
I thought, followed him in the past.
big boat on the sound of the crowd a bit smaller, Yong Xiong pace stopped and looked at me.
I looked at him.
“? ,” Xiong Yong hesitated, Chou Chou I, reddish face, said slowly: “I was allowed you with me, I thought if this meter can become, to be scored Wang Xian Yun Guinea, I can bring you to Chu. “
I Yaran.
before I could speak, Yong Xiong and then went on: “This brave indeed not only a tribute to Zongzhou Zhou Chu numbered bully me, Qianfan Zhou Sheng Qiang, Jun Fu Zhou Qi glimpse of emptiness, they sent Chu. beam to Xian Yun Department tempted to join with me until things return Chu “he said, with a wry smile:.” after you know what, I do not say. “
I looked at him, and after a while, said: “Yong Chu beam will be returning this report it?”
Xiong Yong nodded: “Ran.”
I pondered: “When I bring my brave colleagues who are charged with secrets, know that when Chu child how?”
Xiong Yong grinned: “, if I can not beam system, you have just die?.”
it is in my silent nod.
Xiong Yong looked at me, Lianqi smile, said seriously: “???  said Yong who does not lie, is no longer the slightest Xiangman Yong holds many lessons,  may also believe courage”
my gentle smile, said:. “Nature letter”
Xiong Yong look pick: “? being so,  holds many lessons for the first hill with my dog ​​back, I join you later departed before sunset will send you to abundance, funeral and I will be dealt with properly.”
I looked at him, did not answer, ask: “? Yong, I want to kill you Chu beam, you can do”
Xiong Yong startled by startled, explains: “? , stubborn bunch, Jun Fu had urge him not divulge, and therefore this means there ……”
“Yong will not, be right?” I interrupted.

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Resulting atmosphere is not adjusted until the powerful breath, almost hoarse, delicate body also violent shaking.


?? Xia Ding Zhuo could not grab her body and arms, “in the end you know you did wrong?”


?? big hand but involuntary help her wipe tears, because she was a charming little face and tears because it took respite, particularly heart arouses pity.


?? blue dance rapid panting, like a drowning man finally breathe air like, but despite how he was wiping tears, her tears still coming.


?? “are not allowed to cry!” Ding Xia Zhuo finally could not stand the roar, the woman’s tears how can so much.


?? “you, what fierce fierce, you start so hard, so painful, cry, cry you have pipes!” blue dance more wronged, “So my choice is all not wrong. Should just want you happy and nosy, but should not be self-defeating Lin Shu harm. “


?? what make him happy? “You said that?”


?? Seeing him again angry, blue dance also fight it. “It was like this, I’m sorry, why should gods nosy, you will not be happy to hand off to cherish what I do, you’d better not have happiness, so you know what happiness is.”


?? Xia Ding Zhuo angrily, grinding his teeth, “you really love a man and to what extent?”


?? this question, blue dance shocked, stopped breathing.


?? “I ……” She loved him and to what extent? This question her ……


?? Ding Xia Zhuo crazy grabbed her neck, “I want you to happiness in this way to it? How do you know what I want? You know in the end is how you provoke me so angry, you know when you know how much I grieved in my drugged wine, you know how when dizzy when I was leaving the room, because you know when you see your ignorance and harm Lin Shu how much trouble when I hate you, you love me, you want to give me happiness, but why are you ruining my happiness! “


??” Ga! “


?? was strangling breathing,uggs outlet, blue dance soon face a rise of bruising.


?? “say ah!” Ding Xia Zhuo roar, the anger has made him lose his mind, this woman, challenge the limits of his patience. “Damn, I wish I could kill you.”


?? When her body was in the time of decline, Ding Xia Zhuo suddenly recovered, and let go, and the feeble She caught in his arms, looked at her face gradually ease, but on Honghen neck has become a bruising.


?? “Dance!” Ding Xia Zhuo-ism looked at her, they found her body at night than in the last touch her weaker,cheap uggs, and so many days, in fact, she was also highly torment, he very convinced that her love for him, but he hated her again and again but it is cowardly retreat.


?? “Why do not you believe that I need is you, who are you going to marry me, give me happiness is your man.”


?? Blue Slow Dance slowly opened his eyes, “hum ……”


?? “Do not cry!” At this time, there is no way he did, looked like her, only pained his heart with pity. And this sentiment ……


?? Blue dance desperately shaking his head, “I’m just a woman, I’m not so generous man should give love another woman, but you do not love Lin Shu do not love small extension it? misunderstanding and leave you just because, when your heart still left Unfortunately, when this love I can accept it?, I hurt, I hurt too! “


?? Xia Ding Zhuo hugged her tightly, “No, no one else, only you,cheap ugg boors, in my heart I was a woman, only one person.”


?? unexpected answer that blue dance helpless, little face turned purple and bloodless.


?? This time, he pushed her, “but it was ruined it yourself, if you wish, I’m going to marry Lin Shu, no matter how her condition like this, I will She wants to give him everything. “


?? blue dance still in amazement, then hands clutched tightly efforts would not let himself fall, this time a hand grabbed her.


?? “Ding!”


?? “Come on, get out of here, do not meet again, I do not want to hurt her again.” to see her still present, he shouted, ” Go on! “


??, fierce? “You go around me told me how!”


work-related 287 Ⅱ distressed princess: Cancan fined ③

?? 287


?? blue dance angry roar the word out! It is painful to me, do, in fact, just cowardly to conceal his emotions, he will not be seen, like him. Eight Chinese flag net wWw.87ZW.cOm.


?? him so tightly around her, she was obviously in a hurry to go, but still so sad.


?? blue dance sour nose, my God, why is this so? In the end, in the end is going wrong? At this point she was even despair up!


?? She finally understand his own feelings seem to really like her imagined so unreliable. When he said that only her, never so touched, but never so hated myself, complex emotions tangled her heart, she almost can not support herself, her dazed thought she did what? She was personally ruined the happiness that they shared.


?? “Ding!”


?? her backhand wrapped around his shoulder to Fenjia rubbing male skin, wash tripod belonging summer body, flavor, taste and temperature, She is most familiar attachment.


?? soft lips, desperate-like, to his initiative to find a type of thin lips, surging to muster the courage to India under never regret a kiss.


?? Xia Ding Zhuo instant stiff like stone, and blue dance hesitate, insisted deepened the kiss, though but very jerky stick, soft lips rubbing, clove uvula shy into his mouth.


?? all this is alien to her, she had never been so active, so she has always been tough on his plunder once again sink until the lost heart until his a time of pain, but love, this life that kept her heart was his only one person full.


?? like to wait so long for a century, finally Ding Xia Zhuo reaction, he growled, finally gave insisted, in her innocence temptation ruffled white flag.


?? passive into active, easy to be deprived of control, after all, rich experience no match for him.


?? Xia Ding Zhuo Jiaoqu a turning her body on the sofa under the pressure of his most fanatical passion, unbridled kissed. Tan hand probe into her clothes, dig a palm full round tender, touching her silky skin.


?? excited ~ love heat, Kuangyong with her tears, his crazy predatory bear, kissing, touching ……


?? Xia Ding Zhuo or let go of her final , like that in the car, in the end he did not do anything. He just helped her pull a mess of clothes, big hands over her confused a rope of hair, Chen Sheng said, “Come on, Li Qiang already outside waiting to send you to the airport.”


? ? “ah!” blue dance supple nodded, passive acceptance of his arrangements.


?? “To forget me!”


?? “Good!”


?? “forget it? very honest you are, ah, I believe you? “his fingers provoke her chin,” forget it, how would you do? “


??” I will not forget! “blue dance does not see him, stammered, said, forget is temporary, she exhausted a lifetime to forget him.


?? His heavy breathing, “I do not send you down the stairs, and find their own path!”


?? “I know!” she left his arms, he will from now on husband, the child’s Daddy another woman. Since no relationship with her, no, he was her uncle ah …… blue dance mocking thought, but deep sorrow.


?? himself in his on again ravaged the pain unbearable, coupled with heart pain, she could not walk. But she did not want him to see every step, are heartbreaking.


?? her frail step by step to the door, but once again was grabbed from behind, listening to his heavy breathing in her ear, feeling his warmth and love.


?? “hurt?” he asked.


?? this time, finally could not help dancing blue collapsed and turned into his arms firmly, “No, do not drive me away, and I left to right, hum …… tripod, so I stay at your side, okay? do not go …… “This walk is over, completely over, she lifted her eyes, looking deep into his dark eyes.


?? “Tell me, hurt you?”


?? “ah, ah!”


?? “endless tears you up.” His deep deep sigh, and then came the big hand on her hip, “I start too is not it? here is the hospital, I’ll take you to see a doctor.”


?? “However, heart pain how to do? Ding, I do not go, I do not leave you. “Blue Dance Terrier Yan Zhao said.


?? “No!” he decisively rejected her request, but it took her shoulders, “have you here, I only mind you, I can not help but see you, want to love you. Thus, what is the significance marry her, it will hurt her, you bear it? “


??” But I do not want you coming back for my sins I committed! “blue dance desperately shaking his head, “I do not, no, no, I do not!” she cried hysterically.


?? “things have happened, nor do not accept.”


?? “Ding!”


??, he suddenly said, “we are not called break up? “


??” ah …… hum …… “


??” Have you ever promised to be my girlfriend? If I remember correctly, there should be no . it is not broke, is not it, I do not promise to marry you! “


?? blue dance do not know, she did not understand what he was saying.


?? “I owe you a lot, what gave How about you? do not pay off, and I still can not forget you, marry again, I will wholeheartedly for her, not let her wronged, no longer let her pain, so I have to let another woman completely out of my life, but you, my only love a woman, unfortunately our time can only be arranged in the next life …… promise me next life …… “


?? blue dance hand abruptly blocked his lips,” Please, do not say, I go! “


?? Then he picked up her cross goes out to go.


?? after the man into the car, Ding Xia Zhuo Li Qiang Road. “Sent to Los Angeles, where Father.”


?? “Does not mean that you transfer to the airport?”


?? Xia Ding Zhuo lips evoke deep laugh marks, “I forbid her Such normalization Secretary Yang Yan. “


work-related 288 Ⅱ distressed princess: Low EQ man

?? 288


?? Yang Yan sullen Secretary demanded, “Is not she go to the hospital? you say ah!”


?? “is it is you, but have been gone so long, and not come back in the end is how is it? hey, this smelly blue little dance, how to let others speak for her heart? “Ka eyes looked straight outside,” but though she is always out fault, but still worth close friends who. Banners Chinese network Www.87ZW.Com. “


?? But Yang Yan Secretary no leisure as Ka,” Why did she go? Why did not you tell me discuss. “she promised him, if he went to see Lin Shu, she walked with him!


?? “strange, she with hands and feet, why do I let her go? have the ability to tie her in the waistband.” Ka said bluntly. “Gas large beverages ah, Mr. Yang.”


?? Yang Yan her anymore Division, took the phone, “Jerry, do not take the first plane, let me look Shangguan Atlantis Blue Dance Where are people? Also, Ding Xia wash it? “


??” wow, so people can check? you at least have to give them …… “


?? Yang Division Yan had gone.


?? Ka looking at his back, shrugged, “is why?” But, she is why? Well, what she did not want to got back to Singapore.


?? But hey, blue fine little dance that trouble, she worried.


?? had to go to catch up, “Hey, wait for me ah!”


?? Shangguan castle


?? “little dance, you come back, A tripod just called me and said I do not believe you want to come back, so soon …… how his face how so bad. “Shangguan dry closed his chatter, distressed Road,” told my grandfather, how do you! “


?? “Grandpa!” blue dance into the arms of Shangguan dry.


?? “there’s something I already know, not all your fault, blame fate teaser ah!” Shangguan gently patting dry blue dance shoulder to comfort her, knew For there must be something. “Besides, Ah Ting Lin Shu owe too much, he made this choice because it is not your fault, you do not blame too sad.”


?? “Grandfather?”


?? “little dance, to see you so sad for him, is really not worth ah! grandfather is very clear how the kind of person he is, he is a not understand the feelings of the people.”


?? “how to say?”


?? Shangguan dry long sigh, “Who does not know why his summer home will give birth to such a freak, young age, IQ prohibitively high But surprisingly low EQ but in his eyes, it was only a few people, most parents care about is his sister, and later he and I had several other uncle, also became acquainted with several of his brothers, surely you know, Mingyi they are his life or death. but just not got a woman to get into his eyes, so he always thought that a woman is procreation tool, even in marriage, Lin Shu derailed, not entirely blame her ah you do not have that, even if the marriage knot with him, it may not be happy. better to forget him! “


??” No, no, he was not like this, he love me. “


?? see her so excited, Shangguan dry hurried compromise,” the little dance, first do not want anything, okay? would stay at home, so my grandfather to take care of you. “


?? “I want to return to Japan! not, where do I go? me ……” She actually had nowhere to go? Blue Dance surprised to find that now there is not even a place for her.


?? “This is your home.”


?? “I know my grandfather hurt me, but that’s not where I want to, go where?” blue Wu Mi